Hart: Pivot-alert: The Seven Deadly Ds

Hart: Pivot-alert: The Seven Deadly Ds

January 24th, 2014 by By Ron Hart in Opinion Columns

With his poll numbers circling the drain, you will be happy to know that Obama is now "pivoting" his considerable community organizing talents to "economic equality." Equality? This from the "Executive Order President" who does not even believe in the equality of the three branches of government.

So Obama summons to the White House a group of people who presumably do not have income equality with someone else. His handlers pose them behind him as he announces his latest pivot. And nothing makes those economically disadvantaged people feel better than to be brought in to see the White House, a $250 million mansion with a staff of 500.

Just in his second term, Obama has already pivoted among immigration, gun control, climate change, college education, Obamacare and now "equality" -- whatever he interprets that to mean. Usually it involves a speech about spending more money. He is so serious about it that he has hired that South African sign language guy to interpret his upcoming State of the Statist Union speech for us.

Keep in mind, the other nations that have focused on equality are Cuba and North Korea; all their citizens are equally worse off.

So far, he has "pivoted" to employment about 17 times. Sixty-five percent of African-American males are not working, the greatest number in modern times, but in his mind Obama has solved that problem for his solid voting bloc. We have the lowest rate of participation in the workforce in 30 years; most have just given up on finding work. An historic 47 million Americans are on food stamps. Most have found the government "safety net" to be a nice hammock.

Obama, the master of pivoting, has done it so often I am surprised he has not been called for traveling. When things you try go poorly, you announce to your press office (NBC, ABC, CBS, PMSNBC, et al.) that you are now going to "pivot" to some other problem. Then they obediently go out with a story that frames your most recent pivot.

He also gets vapid Hollywood stars to shill for him. Who better to trust with the important matter of your personal health insurance planning, or to rile up people about others who make "too much" money, than Will Ferrell? "The Wolf of Wall Street" depicts a Long Island, New York pump-and-dump operation that in no way resembles how investment firms operate. It is noble of Leonardo DiCaprio to take $10 million upfront for this movie, $20 million for "The Great Gatsby," and a percent of the movies' ongoing revenues in order to show us the excesses of greed -- in others.

The arrogant presumption is that Obama has solved all the prior problems he has previously "pivoted to," so now it is time to focus his problem-solving talents on another vexing problem. If you keep moving the focus you are never held accountable, much like a side-street Three-card Monte dealer or a slick magician.

Their game plan can be summed up by the Seven Deadly Ds: Deceive, Distract, Deflect, Distort, Disseminate, Defame, and Destroy detractors.

Worry not. Obama has worn out his welcome and is a weakened president. He has no wagons left to circle, just dirty tricks to use to intimidate. If you don't vote his way, he threatens to come to your district and campaign for you. His pivot speeches can now be summed up as "all talk and no action" -- or as I called it in college, dating.

Ron Hart is a Southern libertarian columnist who writes a weekly column about politics and life. He worked for Goldman Sachs and was appointed to The Tennessee Board of Regents by Lamar Alexander. His E-mail: RevRon10@aol.com