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Jay Greeson

The experts are weighing whether or not to add a bike lane on Frazier Avenue.

Heck fire, they got some group to produce a Tom Clancy-thick novel on the idea of cutting the traffic flow of arguably the most congested area near downtown.

Forget 500 pages, here's five quick words on the plan:

"It's a terrible idea. Period."

C'mon guys, celebrate your progress — Broad Street has been much better than expected, no matter what some bone-headed, A2 columnist may have suggested this time last year — and enjoy it.

But Frazier is not ready, and likely never will be. Too many folks and too little space as it is, and eliminating a lane would go a long way to eliminating the attractiveness of the North Shore.

Trump card

According to U.S. Soccer Federation chief Sunil Gulati, the future of the U.S. potentially hosting a World Cup in coming years depends on whom voters elect as president in November.

"I think the world's perception of the U.S. is affected by who is in the White House, yes, so it has some bearing, sure," he said during a roundtable discussion with reporters Tuesday.

Gulati did not mention a name, but he didn't have to. Of course he's referring to Donald Trump and his at-times-controversial view on global issues and immigration.

Say what?

The world soccer community is run by FIFA, which without question is the dirtiest, most corrupt sports organization. FIFA has sunk to the lowest level with its lying, cheating and thievery — from countries and individuals.

And that group has a negative opinion about the bombastic Trump?

Trump should embrace that condemnation and consider adding that on his campaign brochure.

A phrase like, "A vote for Trump is a vote against global corruption — ask FIFA."

Senator, love the suit

This was quite hilarious.

Regardless of what Uncle Bernie does, Hillary Clinton has all but clinched the Democrat nomination for the November election. No, that's not the funny part. That's the sad part.

No, this is about the story from the New York Post this week that noted Clinton gave a speech about closing the wage gap while she was wearing an Armani jacket that costs $12,495. Wowsers.

Is it the ultimate definition of irony? The only way it could have been more perfect would have been if she had closed the speech with "Let them eat cake."

Saturday's stars

To all of the heroes in our military and their families for all of their sacrifices. This is especially for those who reached out to me after the column this week suggesting that D-Day be a national holiday.

Here are two of the dozens of emails I received:

"I don't normally weigh in on your columns, but I could not help myself today. Your column about making D-Day a holiday is spot on. Those young men who went into the teeth of German-occupied France are true heroes in every sense of the word. For as long as I can remember, I have been a WWII buff. Because of this, I watch American Heroes Channel quite often, and thankfully they have tons of WWII documentaries. It gets me every time to see these elderly men talking about what happened on D-Day and you just know that in their minds they are once again 19 or 20 years old and back on the beach fighting for their lives and losing their buddies in the most horrific ways. And yet they still fought on. Every time they cry, I do too."

And this one:

"Good morning My dad was one of those great men that you spoke about in your article that hit the beach of Normandy. I totally agree with your article. My dad said when they hit the beach he had to wade water up to his neck and hold his gun above his head. The one thing he worried about was his Bible in his shirt pocket. When he got to shore it wasn't wet at all. I remember this from sitting in his lap listening to lots of stories. He went through a lot over there that affected him all through his life. He has been gone for awhile but not forgotten."


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