Hart: The off and Un of North Korean diplomacy

Hart: The off and Un of North Korean diplomacy

June 1st, 2018 by Ron Hart in Opinion Columns

Donald Trump has become quite the worldwide diplomat. We needed one. There was no place in the world the U.S. was better off after the Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry era.

Enter Donald J. Trump, who brought nations to the bargaining table that were previously running all over us. Last week he even brought home Josh Holt, an American kept in solitary confinement in Venezuela for two years. Trump surprised him at the airport when he landed. Josh saw Trump and thought, "Cool, President Hillary Clinton sent that guy from 'The Apprentice' to welcome me."

Ron Hart

Ron Hart

Photo by Contributed Photo /Times Free Press.

The next Holy Grail for our unlikely world diplomat is North Korea. It is run by 34-year-old ruthless dictator intern-trainee-turned "Dear Leader" Kim Jung Un. Un was thrown into power by his father right before he died. Kim Jung-il must have seen ruthlessness early in the young Un, passing over his two older brothers Kim Jung-Tito and Kim Jung-Jermain to succeed him (sorry for longtime readers; that joke never gets old).

Trump calculates that this young leader, with a bad haircut on par with his own, is a man he can do business with. Trump reasons: Is there a 34-year-old in the world who has more to lose by dying in a nuclear holocaust than this Un?

For millennials in America, the existential threat of a nuclear war falls on "like, like, really, literally, like" deaf ears. If the mushroom cloud comes, this poorly educated and self-absorbed generation would run outdoors for the first time in months and try to take a selfie with the cloud in the background.

We know North Korea has nukes on missiles that can reach California and Washington State and that, at some point in the future, they will have some that can reach some of our good states, the ones with SEC football teams. We must act before then.

Those talks were almost derailed because of comments from National Security Adviser John Bolton. The hawkish Bolton, whose mustache is loaned out on weekends to Civil War re-enactors, is playing bad cop to Trump's crazy cop.

What is bringing North Korea to the table is not nukes. It is, as it always is, economics, and the fact that communism always ends up starving its citizens. Socialism and communism, like Democrat politics in America, only work for those in charge of them.

And Trump's new "frenemy," Chinese leader Xi Jinping, does not want regime change, which would cause tens of millions of North Korean refugees to stream into China. Remember the first law of illegal immigration: America is the only jerk country that wants to control whom we let in — never other countries.

The reality is, Kim Jung Un is scared of Trump. Since Trump took office, North Korean dry cleaners have made customers pay in advance.

If Trump's shrewd peace plan works, it will kill the left. Nancy Pelosi would rather have all-out nuclear war than see Trump get a Nobel Peace Prize by making the world safer. And the media reacts predictably. Fox News is encouraging his accomplishments in talking to communist North Korea. MSNBC and CNN are covering it as the latest twist in Trump colluding with Russia.

Should Trump meet with North Korea, it is the mainstream media's sincere hope that Kim Jung Un is cooperating with Robert Mueller and is wearing a wire.

Contact Ron Hart at Ron@RonaldHart.com or visit www.RonaldHart.com.

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