Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond said this week that arming teachers would likely be the most inexpensive way to guard against school shootings but not a choice he favors.

Hamilton County Schools Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson said he is also exploring all options, but no decisions have been made.

We are all skittish and scared since the Parkland, Fla., shooting. Well, all of us other than Rush Limbaugh, who may or may not think the whole thing has been a hoax to advance an anti-gun agenda.

We are all looking for answers and options, and no good thought should go unheard.

Personally, the thought of more guns in schools seems like a Trojan horse, but every idea toward the goal of safer schools should be examined.

Consider the following expenses for arming teachers:

-Buying the weapons;

-Training the weapon carriers;

-The huge insurance premium increase for the school system considering we are now purposefully putting guns in classrooms with teachers who are already underpaid, overstressed and from a wide array of backgrounds.

So what is the price we are willing to pay to ensure the safety of more than 44,000 public school students?

As for the burden

And while we are here, do you really think the teachers who are asked to carry these guns are going to do it without a monster pay raise, considering we already ask them to work the full school day, go home and prepare lesson plans, figure out times to talk to parents, get to school early and stay late for after-school programs of all sorts, pay for their own classroom supplies and fill a variety of roles for so many kids?

Now we want to add first-responder with intent to kill, and we think that will go uncompensated? Really?

And never mind the practicality of this. Our school system scores are in the ammo dump, in part because our current teachers are spread so thin. Now we need them to take a few extra reps on the firing range? Awesome. We can see this exchange already:

Mrs. Johnson in math class: "Hey Lil' Jimmy new math problem, if I hit 12 bullseyes and each bullseye is worth 10 points, what is that worth?"

Lil' Jimmy: "A free year membership in the NRA?"

Money grab

There are more than enough things for people to take a swing at our president for.

But the insanity of FIFA, the global soccer organization that runs the World Cup, saying the United States' 2026 bid to host the kickball Super Bowl is in jeopardy because of Donald Trump's reputation and actions internationally is a load of poppycock. (Side note: Poppycock is an underrated word.)

FIFA is the organization the NCAA points toward when being accused of being the worst in all of sports.

FIFA gave the 2018 Cup to Russia for Pete's sake, and Russia has allowed fans to bring cocaine and pot into the stadiums.

And the 2022 World Cup was sold to Qatar, a nation that hardly has a clean record of human rights.

This is another cash grab by the most-corrupt organization in all of sports.

Saturday stars

I have been coaching youth sports a long time, and I have frequently mentioned some of the highs and lows in this space.

Today, I want to thank Tess, Autumn, Brylie, McLaine, Evelyn and Madeline Ray for a wonderful ride during this basketball season.

There are so many lessons in youth sports — and so many that the parents (and this coach) can learn too — but I have never been part of a group of kids that worked together more than these Blue Angels, who were perfect from December through February.

Yes, our first loss happened short of the title, but girls, please know that you are all big-time winners for the way you played, listened and improved.

Until next time.

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