Kim Kardashian West, shown with her husband Kanye West at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute benefit gala in New York last month, said she wants to become an attorney with going to law school. (Nina Westervelt/The New York Times)

News moves quickly in this age of Trump. Remember when, just weeks ago, Trump was a "Russian spy" and Stormy Daniels' attorney Michael Avenatti was on TV every night being hailed as a leading Democrat nominee for president? Here are a few topics I prepared to write on, but then Trump did something more interesting:

1. Trump looked presidential until he lashed back at Nancy Pelosi, who said, "I want to see Trump in prison." Memes circulated showing Trump responding, "Fine, I'll come by on visiting day." Trump had an otherwise great D-Day commemoration trip, standing next to world leaders at Normandy. The only distraction was when Trump kept asking the president of Poland to screw in a light bulb.

2. The Oscars went off as they usually do, with leftists paying tribute to the most liberal film message. I couldn't help thinking they should have a category for actresses in a leading role who watched Harvey Weinstein shower the most. But, by the looks of Harvey Weinstein, I am not sure he ever showered.

3. With the "Deep State" attempted coup failing against Trump so far, we are living with the fallout. Distrust in the 15 law enforcement agencies has never been higher. Those who would have cooperated with the FBI or DOJ a year ago will now plead the Fifth so they are not trapped by a petty and political big government. It is bad. If a dead body was found in Michelle Obama's car, the FBI would call a news conference and ask why Trump did it. Congressional sessions now open with a quick prayer and then an investigation.

4. Like most candidates, "Teen Beat" heartthrob Beto O'Rourke came out of the chute quickly. But upon a deeper look, he faded. When he talks, he seems to be either acting out a Kung Fu movie or doing sign language next to a real candidate.

5. Elizabeth Warren declared for president and, to show she was "relatable," drank a beer in her kitchen — alone — on YouTube. She asked her husband to join her, but he declined. I think even he is leaning toward Biden. "Pocahontas" is Hillary Clinton-level awkward. Warren marched in a Boston LGBTQ parade and broke out into a dance. The parade was canceled when it rained immediately.

6. Kim Kardashian is studying to be an attorney. I presume the reality star will leverage this into a daytime judicial show, perhaps named "Judge Booty." Imagine how big the briefs will be.

7. Leftist Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib called for government to hand out free money, $3,000 per person a year, to those who do not work. Free taxpayer money for doing nothing. Don't we already have that? It's called Congress.

8. The Obamas cash in on liberal cohort Netflix by getting $100 million to produce content. Even the Obamas are doing better financially under Trump. Smelling an opportunity for grifting better than the Clinton Foundation, Hillary went out and pitched Netflix for a similar deal. I feel sorry for the guy who has to tell her "no."

9. UNC Chapel Hill students protest everything. They want a bell that was once used to call slaves back to work on plantations taken down. Slaves, of course, worked essentially for free, receiving just housing, food and moderate education. UNC has replaced that bell, telling the free labor that benefits the institution to go back to work with the Dean Smith basketball arena buzzer.

10. Two predictions: Trump will appoint a woman to his next Supreme Court vacancy. It will be the first time a Court seat confirmation has a swimsuit competition. Second, libs are scared; they will get the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals in San Francisco to rule that Ruth Bader Ginsburg would not have to step down from the high court in the event of her death.

11. Colleges continue to embarrass themselves and are no longer a value proposition. The celebrity admissions scandal laid bare the PC silliness. We in the South have never liked quotas. Every other one we put in a vending machine gets stuck.

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