The Associated Press / Election worker Kristen Mun empties ballots from a ballot box at the Multnomah County Elections Division on Tuesday in Portland, Oregon.

The final 2020 presidential election results may be delayed until the weekend due to shenanigans in Democrat-controlled states with mail-in votes. All are swing states. Dr. Anthony Fauci's medical advice may become the issue. We have long been told to consult a physician if we have an election that lasts longer than four days.

Presidential elections in the U.S. are important. They determine who will be the leader of the free world for the next four years and who will be doing a commercial for reverse home mortgages.

Why can't the ballot counters get this right and get this done quickly? "American Idol" can count 100 million votes in an hour. The simple election vote counts in these Democrat-controlled cities are taking longer to come out than Shepard Smith.

We were told it was going to be a 10-point Biden win; instead, the race is razor close. When we went to bed Tuesday night, Trump was winning. We woke up to find that Wisconsin and Michigan had mysteriously flipped from a Trump win to a Biden win. It all seems so odd. For people to have confidence in the process, we have to get this right.

And why won't Philadelphia let Republican observers see the ballots? If Philly were a foreign country doing this, Jimmy Carter would have already made a protest visit. If a Third World country monkeyed with ballots like some of these cities have, George Bush would have invaded it by now.

I was just told my lifelong Republican Uncle Mac voted Democrat on Tuesday, which is weird. That would never happen if he hadn't died in March.

As I have mentioned in previous columns, polls are so wrong because they are bought and paid for by Democrats. They do this to shape opinion, not reflect it. Also, with favorable polling results, they can raise more money in hopes of funding a win. Lobbyists and special interests will invest in a "winner." Demonstrate that you are winning by a lot and they send you money.

It is like Democrats buying the Russian dossier: They can get what they pay for. The pollsters created polls showing Biden being up 10 points, which was based on a lie. The Russian dossier that launched the Mueller investigation, which hounded Trump's first three years, was a complete lie, a Deep State-attempted coup. No one has gone to jail for the deceit. So why not cheat on the election? No one goes to jail.

The states that cannot seem to count their votes are all governed by Democrats. They are playing games. The high tax and Democrat-controlled states like California and Washington State cannot do the simple things. Rolling blackouts, looting, violent protests and homeless people lying in the streets are all hallmarks of years of one-party Democrat rule. Thank goodness, Republicans appear to be holding their Senate majority, creating a speed bump to those in Democrat leadership.

Of course, California and Washington were called early for Biden — right when the polls closed. They were excited and started partying so hard that they woke up in the morning with West Virginia.

NBC waited until Tuesday evening after the polls closed to run the story about Hunter Biden's laptop, the contents of which detail Biden family corruption. Until now, the media party line has been that the laptop was "Russian disinformation." I wish that every time I got caught doing something bad growing up, I could tell my parents that what they heard was Russian disinformation.

Big Tech has suppressed important stories that aid the Republicans' narrative. And win or lose, Trump fought a tough battle against a malicious media and Deep State, government-employed poll workers and ballot counters.

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