I wish this was a fish story.

But apparently, the line has been cast and the term Asian carp is racist because the fish is considered intrusive and a nuisance.

Seriously — hook, line and stinker.

There is a growing push to change the name to the "invasive carp."

No word yet on which pronouns the carp prefer, because, you know, they are fish.


Remake, rethink

OK, I get that imitation is the highest form of flattery.

And Hollywood has forever been a shampoo bottle of ideas — lather, rinse, repeat — through the years.

But the reviews of LeBron James' remake of "Space Jam" are in and they are less than good. In fact, they are rotten.

Shouldn't we have expected that? It's not like the original "Space Jam" with Michael Jordan and Bill Murray and a slew of other likable superstars was "Citizen Kane" or "The Godfather."

Yes, there was a generation of folks who loved it, and that's fine. And yes, the original soundtrack was excellent.

But in the realm of remakes, picking "Space Jam" is like a think tank looking around and saying, "You know what, this generation needs a 'Weekend at Bernie's' to call their own."


Social media miscue

Yes, we can all get bogged down in the quagmire that is social media. For me, it's the trending topics on Twitter. So it goes.

On Friday, that trending lure was "Chuck Todd," and I was giddy about the chances of the story being that Todd was done wrecking NBC's "Meet the Press."

To be fair, no one wants to be the guy that replaces the guy, and that was Todd's charge after Tim Russert's death. But as someone who loved "Meet The Press," I am now to the point that I look forward to Chuck Todd's vacations.

I'd rather a porch fern host the show than Todd, to be honest. Sadly, the trending was not news about a change.

So it goes.


Obit observations

I love the feedback you guys and gals give about the obituaries out there.

Some are about military heroism. Some are about the dedication to marriages. Some are about the reach across the lives of others.

Today, we're going to tip the visor to a perfect tribute to Jeremiah Skiles, who sounds like someone we all know and we all are glad we know.

Skiles, who was also known as Jersey or Jerm, was 38.

From the obit: "If you knew Jersey, you knew you were loved and there's a good chance he told you that or showed you. He always made it a point to make you laugh and have your back. He had the most beautiful smile, sexy eyes, and oh, that dimple in his chin. During his time here he found a way into everyone's hearts. He loved in this order: his dog/daughter Daisy Skiles, his son, Jaxson Lee Mack Skiles, his wife, Mustangs, burnouts of any kind and the smell of racing fuel. He loved going fast, his hat, Steve Madden shoes, Tennessee Vols (win or lose), rap and rock music, drag strip, steak and shrimp with baked potato and Dr. Pepper. He was a slick talker, good dancer, he hated any and all Chevy's, except an SS Camaro, pasta, tomatoes, mushrooms, and picking up after himself."

Read that and call your friend that reminds you of Jersey. Make the most of our time.

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