Wow, the feedback from Tuesday's column about singer-songwriter Macy Gray's assertion that America needs a new flag because our current one is racist was out of the ordinary. Some columns generate a few emails from fans and critics; others a few more.

Count that column among those that generated a lot more.

From Signal Mountain to Massachusetts, the responses came from all over, and most felt Gray was either dead wrong or using the argument as a promotional piñata for her new album.

With that, here are some of the standout responses that landed in my inbox this week. As always — whether this column makes you smile or throw your coffee mug — thanks for reading.

"I appreciated your writing today about our flag. The asinine attitudes toward our traditions exemplifying our hard-fought freedoms has just gone too far. I just weep sometimes at the thought of where we are now. Best to you."

"Thank you for standing up for our American flag and not being afraid to do it. The Left has lost its mind and so has Ms. Gray. Keep up the good work."

"Of course you don't see a problem with anything. You are a WHITE man."

"Thank you for putting this into perspective. I'm sick and tired of race-baiting and wanting changes for the color of someone's skin. My opinion is that Macy Gray is racist just by knowing a little about her background. They say that people of color are oppressed, BS. I know plenty of people of color that have made great life choices. Including myself. The sky is the limit, and it is attainable if you pursue it."

"I wanted to commend you on your piece in response to Ms. Gray's effort to change the American flag. So much journalism these days is filled with misguided or worse, made-up hyperbole and pulled-from-thin-air facts. Your point, this is a marketing scheme, nailed the issue. Thank you for the clarity."

"I served our country for 6 years and proudly saluted the American flag. Macy Gray is, like you said, probably promoting her new release. That's a nonstory that will go nowhere. As much as I love our flag, I hate to see Old Glory flying on a 4-wheel pickup truck paired with a stupid Trump flag or a Don't Tread on Me flag, or worse, the Confederate flag. I bet a dollar to a donut these [people] haven't served a day in the military and never will. They use MY flag as their symbol of racism."

"Right on point essay about the BS racism claims everywhere these days. No doubt she will appear on GMA ["Good Morning America"] soon. Why don't you leave the USA if it is that offensive to you? Well done."

"Another good piece of work in this morning's paper. It's certainly not incidental that Macy Gray has a pending album release (are we illustrating our age by using the term 'album release')."

"I remember a time when patriotic pride was the wagon to which you tied your aspirations. Now, it's the race card. There are problems that, as a societal whole, we need to work to improve. But, it's just distracting for people to say that anything you disagree with must be the result of racism."

The feedback, be it from the Northeast or northeast Alabama, makes this truly a community conversation.

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