OK, sometimes, the things that find their way into my inbox are too perfect for even me to mess up.

Dateline: Europe. A footwear retailer called Shoe Zone with stores all over the United Kingdom and Ireland introduced a new chief financial officer earlier this month.

His name is Terry Boot.

Boot was tapped after the unexpected departure of his predecessor, who left after seven months.

That predecessor was Peter Foot.

Talk about some big shoes to fill.


You can book that

Yeah, social media can really stink. Ask that teacher in Marion County.

But one of the big reasons we keep coming back and checking our Twitter and Facebook and all the rest is for stories and pictures like the one circulating earlier this week from Ooltewah Elementary School.

The PTA at Ooltewah donated a working vending machine that is filled with kids' books.

The cost? No charge. Students have to earn special tokens in various ways to operate the machine, and the books are theirs to keep.

Well done, Ooltewah Elementary PTA. Well done indeed.


Meals on Wheels

On Thursday night, "Wheel of Fortune" was especially entertaining.

No, it was not one of those episodes in which everyone above the age of 3 knows the puzzle except the person spinning. Those are fun, but this was better.

Scott Kolbrenner won the prelims to get to the final round with a $45,000 total. He aced the final puzzle and his prize spin netted another $100,000.

Yeah, $145,000 for 30 minutes of game show time is good work if you can get it.

Scott took it a step beyond. After the airing, the "Wheel of Fortune" social media site announced that he donated all $145,000 to the Uplift Family Service and L.A. Regional Food Bank.

Now that's a win-win.


Obit observation

I appreciate all the suggestions I get from so many of you.

But this week's pick was pretty clear, and it had nothing to do with Dr. Bill Rowe's obituary being almost as long as a Sunday David Cook column.

Because even at the extended length of Rowe's announcement this week, considering the life of the man, there certainly were notable accomplishments left on the cutting room floor.

Beyond his beloved family and his distinguished military service, Dr. Rowe's eye-popping medical career was humbling to read.

Imagine the number of lives he not only impacted but the actual number of lives he saved. Staggering.

Rest easy, Dr. Rowe. You have certainly earned it.

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