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April 16th, 2013 in Opinion Free Press

Do you support expanding gun control?

No more than the (Times Free Press) would support limiting their First Amendment rights.

- Harry Uffalussy

Any control is simply the government's way of putting us under their boot heels.

- Beej West

Background checks and regulation, yes. Banning, no. Banning is a dead end. We need better background checks.

- Stephen Kraus

How would you enforce this without some sort of central gun list? That's the issue. It's easy to say we need background checks for private sales, but it's a completely different thing to develop a solution to enforce it.

- Chris Golden

People should control their guns. Yes.

- Steve Coulter

No ... then only criminals would have guns. ... DUH!

- Gary Bridgford

Obviously we are in the redneck, hillbilly South! Absolutely support gun legislation.

- Christina Besh

Too many unenforceable laws on the books already. Any encroachment on our Second Amendment rights is an infringement, thus a waste of time and money.

- Timothy Daniel