Associated Press File Photo / U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-California, has suggested President Donald Trump should be investigated after he leaves office but apparently is fine with her daughter being paid near a quarter of a million dollars from her campaign.

Rollin' in the dough

U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-California, who recently suggested President Donald Trump should be "investigated" after he leaves office to "send a message across the world that we will not tolerate the undermining of our democracy in the way this president has done," apparently sees nothing wrong with her daughter collecting nearly a quarter of a million dollars from her campaign over the 2019-2020 cycle.

Federal Election Commission data shows that Karen Waters received around $240,000 from the campaign. It's similar to the amount she received during her mother's 2018 campaign. A 2018 report said the younger Waters was paid for "slate mailer" services that she provided. A slate mailer, according to the Fair Political Practices Commission, is a mass mailing (more than 200 substantially similar pieces of mail sent in a calendar month) that supports or opposes a total of four or more candidates or ballot measures.

In 2004, the Los Angeles Times reported that Waters family members pocketed more than $1 million over eight years either from her campaigns or a business with a connection to the campaign. But Waters said she had no connection to the activities.


New job for ICE agents?

If Jon Ossoff becomes a Georgia U.S. senator after next month's runoff election, he has an idea he wants to impart around the whole immigration issue. He wants Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to stop enforcing the law and make sure illegal immigrants are paid the minimum wage.

"When federal agents arrive at one of these farms," he said last week, referring to farms in Georgia where he says illegal immigrants work in "brutal conditions," "it should be to make sure people are being paid the minimum wage, working in humane conditions."

Ossoff, as President Donald Trump did, wants DACA participants to become American citizens, but he'd also sweep in all illegal immigrants.

"We need to establish a path to legal status for those who are here without proper documentation," he said, "and otherwise follow the law."

The problem is if you "follow the law," illegal immigrants come into the U.S. It's that simple.


Soon-to-be crime central

Los Angeles, which has see a 20-25% rise in murders this year, is on the verge of making it even easier on criminals. George Gascon, the new prosecutor in Los Angeles county who swept into office after being bankrolled by Democratic megadonor George Soros in November, revealed last week the changes he plans to make.

In the future, the county will no longer prosecute "low-level nuisance crimes." They include: trespassing, disturbing the peace, driving without a license, prostitution, resisting arrest (with exceptions), criminal threats (with exceptions), drug possession, minor with alcohol, drinking in public, being under the influence of a controlled substance, public intoxication and loitering (with exceptions).

Prosecutors will no longer seek the death penalty for any crime, and no sentencing enhancements will be used to increase prison time. No bail will be set for anyone charged with a misdemeanor or nonviolent crime, and those convicted of such crimes will receive no prison time but be referred to community-based programs.

We support a number of sentencing reform measures, but this takes things to a new level. In other words, folks, LA is wide open.


C'mon, I wasn't being serious

A recent comment by ESPN personality Domonique Foxworth shows why the ratings of the cable sports network and the National Football League have tanked as politicization has grown in both.

Foxworth, on "The Right Time with Bomani Jones," said he is glad when Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen fails because supporters of Allen like dogs, the American flag and have "concerning" Twitter accounts.

Two of the quarterback's teammates were taken aback by the remark and let their feelings be known via Twitter.

"Hold up bruh ... we not jus letting this slide, yeah?!" said Jonathan Feliciano. "@espn this what we on now in the sports world?! @Foxworth24 we gotta do better my brother ... cause this ain't it."

"ay @Foxworth24," said Jordan Poyer, "are you talking about the fans that just raise over 700k for a hospital during a pandemic? Ppl do/say the corniest things to try n get ahead."

Foxworth, as is the case with many on the left when their words cause a fracas, just said his remarks were taken out of context and can't believe anyone took them seriously.

"[G]etting taken out of context kinda comes with my job," he tweeted, "so I haven't been trippin. But ... it bothers [me] that ya'll have spent 1 sec thinking about this ..."