Night run allows city to show jewels and other letters to the editors

Night run allows city to show jewels and other letters to the editors

December 21st, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Night run allows city to show jewels

Monday night I participated in the "Jingle Bell Jog" sponsored by the Downtown YMCA. There were more than 100 people participating in a 5K run through downtown Chattanooga. We ran along the river. The lights, the riverboats, the beautifully lit bridges, the cleanliness of the sidewalks, the wonderful views across the river were an inspiration to me. I am absolutely certain that Chattanooga is a jewel of a city. It was Monday night. The run was great too!


Let each person have own god

I've been hearing (and reading) comments lately that I find perplexing. The reason for this finding is based upon the myriad inferences to doing away with God. Perhaps you will consider something about which you might not have allowed to enter your thought processes.

Everyone is innately endowed with the desire to have something in their lives they hold in greatest esteem. That something, because of its highest position, is your god. The object might be your beautiful home, expensive car, power over others, a habit, a statue on your mantle, satanic beings, that image that reflects back at you in the mirror, as well as an unnumbered list of idols.

So why do you get so upset when the word god is used? When you hear or see the word just think about how they are referencing your god and substitute what you hold most precious (house, car, power, yourself, ad infinitum). Then you can think people might be worshiping your god.

As for myself I will worship God the Creator, Savior, Redeemer, and Friend. That is what brings me peace of mind and a desire to wish each of you a merry Christ-mas.

JIM ORRISON, Cleveland, Tenn.

We're reaping what we sowed

Hours after the recent school shooting, media outlets were already articulating their monthlong Obama-mercials for gun-control legislation. The president wept while the media accented his moment with soft emotional music, yet millions of children have been murdered long before this school shooting through government-funded abortion from his party and his administration. Who cried for them?

Society never holds a public school responsible for teaching godless evolution. Consumer stores sell toys and video games geared to promote sexual and violent ideas toward impressionable young minds. America's children watch pornographic images and violent acts on the very cell phone devices their negligent parents bought them.

Where is the legislation to ban all this trash? Americans will blame guns for this tragedy only to console their conscience that these children were victims of the very culture they twice elected for them to die in. We sowed it, we're reaping it.

CHARLIE WALL III, Chickamauga, Ga.