Good Deed: Easter miracle keeps house safe

Good Deed: Easter miracle keeps house safe

April 21st, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Easter miracle keeps house safe

I awoke early one morning a few days before Easter with a loud knocking on my front door. An EPB lineman, Dennis Long, was telling me my roof was on fire and the main electrical inlet line was burning and melting my roof. He immediately disconnected the "main" from my outside panel box and put out the fire.

EPB had initially been called about a minor transformer issue across the street. The lineman heard a loud, popping noise like fireworks going off, and looked in my home's direction, about two blocks away from where he and his EPB truck were positioned. He saw the main electrical line coming into my home swaying and jumping up and down violently.

My home is safe and the power was restored due to Dennis Long's quick actions. This was my Easter miracle, and my faith has grown once more.

Donald L. Seagle