Syria attack defies logic and other letters to the editors

Syria attack defies logic and other letters to the editors

August 29th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Syria attack defies logic

Let's see if I have this right. The U.S., to punish Syria for using chemical weapons to kill their people indiscriminately, is gong to bomb them to kill even more of their people indiscriminately.

Sounds like Obama aide.


Ochs center has facts

Mayor Berke's focus on outcomes is right on. And we do need good public data to tell us where we are starting in order to know what progress we make in these priority areas. The Berke administration will certainly come up with good measures of the outcome of their efforts.

But Chattanoogans need more - an independent yardstick, a set of timely, relevant performance measures to provide additional context and ensure transparency. These are big problems, and a shared set of community data will empower citizens, community groups, corporations, churches and foundations to develop their own efforts, complementing the city's work. These measures need to be durable, outlasting any individual's time in office and measuring progress administration after administration.

That's what the Ochs Center for Metropolitan Studies, Chattanooga's own "fact tank," has for decades provided to this community and its leaders: credible, independent data to use in making smart decisions. Just this May, Ochs released comprehensive reports on Chattanooga's health and the state of education. (Both are available at A report on changing demographics is next.

The Ochs Center is deeply rooted in the Chattanooga community, and it is changing along with our city. We are busy forming new partnerships throughout the community.


Homosexuality not Biblical

I would like for the lady that wrote the bible is unclear on homosexuality to explain Romans 1:24-28 to me. I only finished a few years in college.

Paul is not speaking about animals here. He is talking about men and women. Men with men and women with women and it is a gross sin. I don't care how the preachers try to make it sound good to keep a big congregation and stay popular, the Bible is very clear about this issue. Sin is sin.

God does not hate the sinner. He hates the sin. I know people who are homosexual. I love them but I hate and despise their sin.

Homosexuals can be saved. See Apostle Paul's writing in l Corinthians 6:9-11.

RAY MILLER, Rossville

Sandhill crane hunts draw ire

Because I disagree with the hunting of sandhill cranes, I will no longer purchase a hunting/fishing license and next election I will vote against Mike Bell, thus giving him more "free time" to hunt sandhill cranes! I encourage others to do the same.

DOUGLAS GERAN, Cleveland, Tenn.