Navigating misery of higher prices and more letters to the editors

Navigating misery of higher prices and more letters to the editors

August 7th, 2017 in Opinion Letters

Navigating misery of higher prices

I received two letters yesterday. One was a three-pager from the U.S. government informing me they are increasing my S.S.I. benefits $2. The other letter was from my cable TV provider increasing my service $2. The phone company dropped its "Lifeline," a credit of $6 to help our lower class.

My grocery store increased a box of crackers to near $3, and light bulbs were over $2 apiece. The cashier asked me if I would like to contribute $1 for the hungry? I couldn't help but think if you sincerely concern yourself about the hungry, why don't you lower your price on soup and crackers?

It is obvious the greed worm has devoured our grocery stores. We thought the increase of food was because of high gas prices. The oil companies lowered their cost; why won't the food industry? Pure greed.

The mayor is raising my property taxes. Will this nightmare never end?

Robert Lee Brown


Alumna supports Bryan leadership

I am a supportive alumnus of William Jennings Bryan College, class of 1993. I published my support of the leadership's decisions in 2014 and continue to support the president, the board, the faculty and the school.

My education at Bryan was foundational in shaping and establishing my strong biblical worldview as well as equipping me to use my gifts and passions for God's glory as a music director.

My parents (retired faculty), present faculty, current students and prospective students that I know are absolutely thrilled about all of the incredible things God has done before and since the strong biblical stand of the creationist, historical, biblical view of Genesis that was upheld and clarified in 2014.

I will continue to recommend Bryan College to parents and prospective students, and will continue to pray for and support the leadership as they weather the present criticisms while defending and protecting the school's mission, "educating students to become servants of Christ to make a difference in today's world."

I believe now more than ever the school on the hill is faithfully upholding "Christ Above All!"

Kelly Luther Stultz, Hixson


Kelly likely doomed as chief of staff

Do you believe Gen. John Kelly will last as chief of staff? I do not. The contrast between Kelly and Trump couldn't be greater.

On one side you have a man who rose from an enlisted private to a four-star general over a dedicated career that spanned 40 years of service to his country. Few institutions place more emphasis on tradition, discipline, chain of command or put more value on integrity than the Marine Corps.

On the other side you have a man-boy who was raised in privilege and inherited his wealth. Trump evaded the draft with four deferments, sues when he doesn't get his way, is a proud, self proclaimed molester, proven to be unknowledgeable on any issue, lacks any semblance of impulse control, and lies about things both large and small.

Kelly was going to resign over the ham-fisted manner of the Comey firing. Today he is in the belly of the beast. T

o succeed, Kelly will have to re-invent President Trump. An easier warm-up project might be reversing the flow over Niagara Falls.

Denny Pistoll, Rising Fawn, Ga.

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