The use of tear gas at border is 'atrocious' and more letters to the editors

The use of tear gas at border is 'atrocious' and more letters to the editors

December 3rd, 2018 in Opinion Letters

The use of tear gas at border is 'atrocious'

I think we all like some pepper in the food, but not when it is a pepper spray projectile. President Trump is using that and even tear gas. Did I read that right? He is defending the use of tear gas on caravan migrants. Why is Trump treating the caravan like they are an actual threat to the U.S.? They have no way to fight back, and it is their right as human beings to seek asylum. They had to leave their country and even their family behind. They are just trying to find a better life. There are also kids choking on that gas, kids who never asked for this to happen, and adults who decided to risk their lives rather than to lose it back at their home.

I really hope that Trump and the people who support this atrocious act never have to go through what these people are. They are not animals. "They are criminals," some might say. So far President Trump is the one threatening lives of defenseless people trying to exercise their rights.

Jorge Napoles Moreno


GOP more anti-abortion than pro-life

The anti-abortion/pro-life/GOP gets the political left's view on abortion wrong again ("Favorable Abortion Trend Continues") by assuming it wants abortions available on every street corner for every pregnant woman who is inconvenienced by her situation.

Women's health care means supporting services for women of child bearing age through public health services, Planned Parenthood, Medicaid and Medicaid expansion for working families which may include an unborn child. As prenatal care and rural hospitals become a rarity, the unborn child and mother are at greater risk for unsuccessful outcomes. Maternal and infant mortality rates are increasing above the national average in parts of Tennessee.

Decreasing the need for abortion is a worthy and desirable goal, but when a marginalized woman proceeds with her pregnancy against all odds and delivers this precious life, the state legislators call her a welfare mom and demand she get to work (usually a low-wage job with no benefits of security) or lose all support.

The political right is much more anti-abortion than pro-life. Heaven forbid education, a living wage, counseling and accessible, quality and affordable health care interfere with our low taxes.

Sandra Rice


Trump's trust in his 'gut' is laughable

Just when I thought Donald Trump couldn't possibly surprise me with his irrational behavior, I watched him in an interview with The Washington Post where he told the reporter that he goes with his "gut," not his brain. It's true that is how he makes decisions. For example, the government came out on Black Friday with a report on climate and how catastrophic weather changes will affect us. What does his "gut"say? All you must do is rake the forest to prevent forest fires. You can't expect those stupid Democrats in California to know that. This line of "gut" thinking also goes for his blaming the Dems and the Feds for the decline in the stock market and the crisis at GM. The man is a genius.

This thought process also applies to the killing of the Post reporter. Turkey's intelligence, as well as, the CIA, state that the Crown Prince ordered the killing. Not good enough for Trump's gut. Trump said the Prince told him five times he was not involved. The "gut" wins again.

If I ever go to court knowing that I am guilty as sin, I hope the "gut" is my judge and jury.

Larry Trame


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