Positive approaches the right way to go and more letters to the editors

Positive approaches the right way to go and more letters to the editors

December 24th, 2018 in Opinion Letters

Electric shock for experimental behavioral response has legally been used on persons with autism and other disabilities — until now. The federal government also allowed the use of cattle prods and more complex devices of torture to temporarily modify aberrant behavior, causing severe pain to people with disabilities. This medieval approach has gone on far too long.

Many individual states had the wisdom to outlaw the use of aversive electric shock on persons with autism and intellectual disabilities. Other states did not. The federal government remained silent — until now.

After decades of people trying to educate public officials, FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb in his newsletter stated, "We're planning to issue a final ban on electrical stimulation devices used for self-injurious and aggressive behaviors. We believe these products present an unreasonable and substantial risk to public health that cannot be corrected or eliminated through changes to the labeling."

We support thousands of individuals with significant disabilities. We use positive approaches regardless of any behavior. It has worked since I founded this organization 30 years ago and hopefully, with the help of the federal government it will become policy for every organization to follow.

Robert Stack

President, CEO, Community Options


Congratulations, Vlad, you are successful!

In 1956, Russian dictator Nikita Khrushchev pounded the podium and declared, "We will bury you." Russia had made no progress toward this goal until recently. Russia began a massive disinformation campaign to undermine America even before the 2016 presidential election. Millions of rubles flowed into social media platforms to trick gullible Americans to support Trump and to undermine the candidacy of Clinton.

Additionally, Russian intelligence services were engaged in hacking and stealing data and weaponizing it through Wiki-Leaks at key points in the campaign to cover up disgraceful Trump revelations such as the Access Hollywood tapes.

Russia succeeded by installing a compliant nincompoop as president of the U.S. Through two years of this administration, Russians continue to support Trump with social media attacks on Mueller and employing their army of "bots" to excuse his failures.

Trump has rewarded this support by acquiescing to every Russian whim. He has alienated our most important allies, undermined NATO, ballooned the deficit, started a trade war with China which directly benefits Russia, surrendered in Syria, and "wimped-out" in Helsinki. Congratulations to Vlad and all those Republican rubes for making Nikita Khrushchev's threat possible.

Terry Stulce



All political ills fault of the GOP

So familiar to siblings when the blame was to be placed: "But, Mom, he made me do it!" Now we have the politics of the same story. The GOP, covering up errors of judgment, is guilty of blaming everyone. The wealthy members of the party, including many industries, convince members of the House and Senate their political futures are safe only if . The only if lowered taxes for the wealthy. How often has that been done? "The benefits of the tax cut will help all!" That was Trump. The Democrats are for health care, infrastructure development, meeting and advocating with the many climate challenges, etc. Open borders? Who advocates such a policy? There is nothing in place to deal with immigration. The blame for all of the ills in the political climate of the day rests on the GOP.

One of the most grievous ills of GOP control is the gerrymandering of voting districts. So fearful is the GOP of the voter that it feels it must control and draw electoral maps that benefit only one party, the GOP. What is the GOP afraid of? Afraid of change? Change frightens the party. Simple definition of a conservative: stuck!

Robert Brooks

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