Use caution when hiring project help and more letters to the editors

Use caution when hiring project help and more letters to the editors

July 29th, 2018 in Opinion Letters

CPD officer thanked for assistance

I want to give a shout out to Chattanooga Police Officer Kenneth Scriven Jr. Today many police officers get a negative view from the public.

On June 19, as I was leaving the Brainerd Recreation Center after a class of water fitness, to my dismay I saw that I had a flat tire.

There we stood, two elderly ladies in 90 degree-plus heat trying to inflate the tire.

Along came Officer Scriven. He not only fixed that tire but he followed us to the service station and checked all the other tires.

Thanks to him, the tires are still OK.

Without his help, I would not have made it home that day,

Again, a great big shout out and "thanks" to Officer Scriven.

Horizon PAC has very clear agenda

A blogger recently discussed the poor state of our public schools. He said that it's unacceptable that 20 percent of our school children are graduating ready for the next step, whether it be college, trade school or the job force.

Interestingly, a group has popped up from the middle of nowhere with a goal of keeping the same people who created the mess in office. That organization, the Horizon PAC, has one aim — to maintain the status quo, to keep their friends in office, and, it would seem, to keep our schools under-performing. If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, then whoever's behind the Horizon PAC are bonafide lunatics.

Clearly the folks at Horizon PAC have an agenda. Unsurprisingly, every partisan candidate they are backing — at least those we can discover — is from the same political party. And yet they accuse the education group UnifiEd of having an agenda. UnifiEd, for its part, has endorsed both Republicans and Democrats, and seems genuine about its concern for education in Chattanooga. Horizon PAC, on the other hand, has only one goal in mind — to keep their good ole boys in the club.

Sharon James

GOP-Trump lovefest damaging to USA

Of all the personality and intellectual deficiencies and behavioral atrocities of Donald Trump that his base and Republicans in Congress support, the one I find most incomprehensible is their supporting his determination to align America with Vladimir Putin and other dictators of the world against our former allies in the free world.

The Republican Party has turned itself into the Party of Trump and is disintegrating, yet what remains will do nothing to stop Trump. Do they really think that to remain in power they must support him as he turns America into a dictatorship? Do they not know that they are exercising no power now, nor will they ever exercise power again if they don't stop him?

Faye Walter


Use caution when hiring project help

This is a caution to people who pay a contractor, subcontractor or handyman before completion of work or a portion of work.

In the case of completing part of the work, pay for what they have done. A person who has done no labor deserves no pay.

In the case of paying money before doing any work to buy material, at least get a list of material needed along with a written estimate for the entire job — labor and materials.

You should see on the list that no tools are bought (a workman with no tools probably has little to no experience).

Get recommendations before you hire anyone. If no recommendations are made available, do not hire them (there is probably a reason there are no references!). There is a shortage of qualified, honest and dependable trades people. You will probably have to wait on the ones you should hire since the good ones are likely booked up for a month or longer.

I would be a little suspicious of those ready to work tomorrow.

I hope this helps overly trusting people to beware of being taken advantage of.

Terryl Roddy

Immigration system must be run orderly

Living with three children in Miami during the 1960s has given me insight on immigration that some haven't experienced. We had thousands of Cubans flooding our city. The school system went on double sessions, class time was 45 minutes, no sports, no book-learning classrooms, no homework and overcrowded classrooms.

Good teachers went on strike, and many schools had riots. Not much education occurred.

I also helped set up Miami's first day-care center. We had children ages 2 months to kindergarten. We soon had 24-hour care. Workers came and went, and children learned not to bond.

We are giving our children to strangers to raise. We are separating children and parents through the courts, divorce, foster care, orphanages, unwed mothers and abortion.

Americans need to look deep within our own hearts. The immigrants coming here will find the same things they are running from: violence, drugs, warfare and a divided nation. We also lost a beloved son by a Cuban immigrant high on drugs and alcohol in a borrowed car — no license, no insurance.

No matter how our hearts hurt, we must have an immigration system that can orderly and sensibly take care of them.

Zella Dixon


Children sacrifices; today it's abortion

We read in ancient cultures that children were sacrificed to the gods. In the rituals, we imagine the people in their native garb dancing around a fiery pit and the screaming children being hurled into the fire to satisfy the gods. The Aztecs sacrificed to the god Tlaloc. The Inca's ritual was called qhapaq hucha. The Mayan ritual was called Kex.

There are other ancient groups who did the same. Most of us would call this barbaric. In our society, this practice is called abortion. Since the retirement of Justice Kennedy I have never seen so many people out beating the drums and dancing around the fiery pits defending their practice of sacrificing children to the gods, although their gods are not yet clearly defined.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, there are about 3,562 abortions each day in the U.S. That's about 1.3 million each year. We kill off a generation every year. If you don't think this is barbaric, Google "abortion procedure" and read how it's done. These are living children, not just cytoplasm. If it doesn't make you sick, your heart is ice cold. Shame on us all.

Taylor E. Cavin


Editorial cartoon misses the point

As a TFP reader who prefers the right-hand editorial page, I regret to see this page drifting steadily from a more eclectic to a blindly pro-Trump stance. Last Friday's editorial cartoon is a case in point.

Trump's off-the-back-of-an envelope tactics involving Putin at Helsinki and since can in no way be compared to Churchill's consultations with the then-Russian dictator during World War II. While a comparison between Stalin and Putin is apt (both are committed to totalitarian rule), any analogy must stop there.

To even suggest moral equivalency between the actions of these two national leaders is to exhibit the truth in the warning issued by your erstwhile columnist Michael Gerson. He foretold that those who collaborated with Trump against their better judgment would be hopelessly stained by this association. Donald Trump is now the nemesis of the Western world and a worry to every traditional ally of this country.

Trump is an inept amateur in world and national affairs. How is the public interest served by this cartoon comparing his ham-handed errand in Helsinki with a different meeting in a different time?

Kenneth J. Stewart

Lookout Mountain, Ga.

Karlen Eaton

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