How can Christians back our president?

It is reasonable to ask certain questions of prominent and other fundamentalists to explain why they consider President Trump to be of Christian character?

Would any fundamentalist consider a president other than Trump to be a faithful adherent to Christian faith and practice who has said or done the following:

» He has said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it.

» He has grabbed women by their private parts and could continue doing this because he is a "star." At least 12 women claim his abuse of them.

» He allegedly committed adultery with a porn star who received hush money.

» He exhibits symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder glorifying himself and insulting everyone disagreeing with him.

» He admires wealth and power with little affinity for the poor.

» He uses filthy language to describe foreign nations whose black immigrants come to this country, this insult preceded by many racial provocations.

Is it possible for others to find hypocrisy and political motivation in some fundamentalists not condemning this, and by what they do say constructively approving of it?

John Bratton, Sewanee, Tenn.


'Book Of Mormon': Be wary of content

I am thrilled about the Tivoli's Broadway Series and plan to go to most shows this upcoming season.

But I wanted to warn churchgoers that you will want to skip "The Book of Mormon." I saw the show and found it filthy and offensive.

There are numerous F-bombs directed at God, large male body parts strapped on the dancers for one of the musical numbers. That is just a sampling.

What a shame. The music and acting were good, just the content and language completely unacceptable.

I applaud the Tivoli for the wonderful other shows it is bringing us and look forward to attending those.

Rev. Betty Latham


Trump foes, media on 'desperate' hunt

For most thinking Americans, the Trump-Russian collusion claims are falling on deaf ears. Such claims continue to be unsubstantiated and wearing.

It is increasingly clear that the Left carries on its desperate attempt to unseat our president by continuing this fraudulent pursuit.

Friday's Times editorial reporting on The Washington Post's Cohen hit piece is a good example. Cohen, Trump's personal attorney, may have committed some crimes, but assisting Trump collusion is not one of them.

Speaking of Russian collusion, where was the TFP when millions of dollars flowed from Russians into the Clinton Foundation, resulting in the sale of 20 percent of our precious uranium to a Russian-controlled company?

Or what about the collusion committed by senior FBI and DOJ officials resulting in a fraudulent document used to spy on the Trump team? Now that is real collusion.

To quote the Times editorial: "This Russian thing is not a witch hunt. It's a trend, and the trend continues." The only trend continuing is the witch hunt, and the desperation becomes even more obvious.

Mike Budnick, Winchester, Tenn.


Access to quality schools lacking

Why would any young family that can't afford private school willingly live in Chattanooga?

From my observation, the city is quite satisfied with the current state of our public schools as long as low-income families are the only ones affected.

Becky Wooley