County tax increase should be nixed and more letters to the editors

County tax increase should be nixed and more letters to the editors

June 11th, 2019 in Opinion Letters

The Chattanooga "deep state' is subjecting us to an unprecedented push to spend yet more taxpayer money on education with a second large tax increase within two years. They seem to feel that the new superintendent has some magical program to improve school performance through spending more money, where previous school boards/superintendents have consistently failed in this approach.

The proposed budget will lead to there being one school employee for about every 9.5 students. My goodness, they must be tripping over each other. This is ridiculous. Our County Commission should call a halt to this extravagance.

I suspect the real reason the schools are having problems is the over 10% nonEnglish speakers, of whom a large percent are illegal. The request for more truancy officers is revealing. As one school official said, "most people don't realize we are raising Mayan children, many of whom have never even attended school."

Terence Knee



VW workers don't need UAW to thrive

As a former team member at VW, I wanted to share my perspective on the UAW and VW. I recently retired from VW after 7.5 years. When I went to work at VW in 2011, I had lost a job in the textile industry. My job loss was a result of an industry that was destroyed by both unionization attempts and NAFTA. Unionization efforts put pressure on companies to look for areas where they could afford to continue manufacturing. They went outside of the U.S. NAFTA facilitated this move. Sound familiar? Auto manufacturing has moved away from high cost areas to more favorable areas. Tennessee and neighboring states have been fortunate to attract them.

VW has provided good wages and benefits for up to 3,500 workers for over 10 years. It supports local social and community causes, is a certified green manufacturer and reduced its carbon footprint with a solar farm.

UAW doesn't make anything; it is a business supported by dues. VW makes cars and supports workers who make the cars. I urge workers to ask where they would be if VW hadn't come or where they would be if VW left.

Henry Knox




Festival fan laments 'new Riverbend'

The "new Riverbend" appears to have lost sight of what Riverbend was originally all about, a unique Chattanooga experience and affordable to everyone.

The "new Riverbend" is neither a unique Chattanooga experience nor affordable. The "new Riverbend" seems to be nothing more than several other music festivals elsewhere.

The wrist-band thing is modern technology gone too far. I am sure that someone is making money off of the wristbands but I doubt that it is anyone local. Whatever happened to good old cash?

I hope that I am wrong, but I give the "new Riverbend" a probable life expectancy of three, maybe four years. What a shame.

Glenn G. Geralds



U.S. already has socialist approaches

I hear lots of condemnation about Democrats wanting to make America socialist. They can't compare Sweden, where people are happy with socialism; it has to be a country like Venezuela, where dictators have turned it into a real mess.

The only serious talk is about two items: medical care and education. There is no desire to do away with our Constitution nor our democracy, nor capitalism for that matter. We all already believe in government providing free education for the first 13 years; does it turn us socialist to make available four more years in this technological age?

We already provide Medicare for seniors, Medicaid for those in need. Hospitals that provide free services to those without are reimbursed with taxpayer money. Are we socialist to think that reorganizing to something like Medicare for all might provide better service?

Tennessee Valley Authority has thousands of employees in our area. This is a real socialist organization, government owned and competing with private businesses. Did this make us a socialist nation, or did it help to make us a great nation? Remember the strong opposition from our conservative Tennessee statesman when the subject of privatizing TVA was brought up?

John Wines

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