Hmm: Voting hard but guns easy? and more letters to the editors

Hmm: Voting hard but guns easy? and more letters to the editors

March 15th, 2019 in Opinion Letters

Republican state Sen. Bo Watson recently told concerned citizens he couldn't vote for the Automatic Voter Registration bill because voting should be hard.

At the same time he supports legislation that would make arming Tennesseans with concealed guns easier.

So what we're hearing from our state leader is that voting, the cornerstone of democracy, should be hard. But hiding a weapon that can shoot up a classroom should easy.


Carolyn Mitchell


Families of Galinger, Hinds need our prayers

It was a dark, stormy, foggy night when Officer Nicholas Galinger was killed. I am so sorry for his family, but this was a terrible accident. Nothing will bring him back. Unduly punishing Janet Hinds will not help. She is not a criminal, but a victim of circumstances, as was Gallinger. Let us all pray for both families.

Janette Roberts


Walmart greeters should be kept

Recently Walmart announced it was going to eliminate the greeters in the stores. Those who can ambulate and lift 25 pounds will be used in the stores. The remaining wheelchair-bound, contracted, incontinent will have 60 days to find a job. This Walmart job is an outlet for those who have nothing.

Call Walmart's corporate greed number, 800-walmart. Let them know your displeasure. If they proceed with the inhumane idea, I will buy my food somewhere else.

Janice Locke

Rock Spring, Ga.


Where your money goes: Let D.C. know

Ever wonder how your hard-earned tax dollars are being spent? Well, you have an unquestionable right to know, and here are a few frightening examples:

* "Free college tuition" ($1 trillion dollars): Encouraged by Obama, students were allowed to take out huge loans, which would be forgiven when "the government" (you) pays the balance.

* The "Stimulus Bill," aka "The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" ($800 billion): Numerous no-bid contracts to rebuild U.S. roads and bridges awarded to top Democrat contributors posing as contractors. Those funds were given in advance, but the jobs were never completed.

* Government "overpayments" (more than $100 billion each year of Obama's presidency): Fraudulent and wasteful Medicare and Medicaid payments, farm subsidies, SNAP Program, Michelle's failed lunch programs, etc., in exchange for Democrat votes.

* The "Mueller investigation" ($60 million so far): An unconstitutional witch-hunt, orchestrated by Obama cronies to nullify Trump's election. And you, of course, are footing the bill. Remember, Congress works for you, not the other way around. Call them now and demand action.

John Bergen

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