I wish home builders in Chattanooga would build housing for seniors. A house with no or few steps that is all on one level with a small yard is all that is required. What we are getting is mega-mansions on tiny lots with no space between houses. Being able to have a pet or a garden in a small yard space is a simple thing. Townhomes are nice but there are no yards or fences to keep a pet.

I am sure money is the issue, and there is more to be made on putting as many homes very close together on the land.

I would just love to see some developer north of the river build some small cottage homes with small yards. I believe they would be surprised at how quickly they sell.

I tried contacting the Chattanooga Home Builders Association but received no response, so a letter to the paper will suffice.

Linda R. Harris

Signal Mountain


Tax study needed to solve inequity

Our schools must have everything being asked for and more. Through our current leadership, we are seeing tremendous change. But we cannot ignore our past, and we must work to ensure that going forward this never happens again.

About inequitable property taxes, a comprehensive study of what we have now and what we could have is needed. I would make funding the study part of a proposal for a two-year property tax increase. I recommend asking property owners to commit to a two-year property tax increase while the inequity problem is figured out.

It is not fair to property owners who equitably contribute all along to keep footing the bill for those who sit on their properties for years and even decades. I feel this approach is more favorable than saying we need to raise taxes — period.

And it would give everyone a good look at how the inequity of waiting for property values to increase is forcing all of us to suffer. We suffer in our schools, crime rates, lack of workforce readiness and in many other areas affected by this inequity.

Paula Wilson


Don't 'punish' debt-free students

I was really moved by the magnanimous gesture by Robert F. Smith when he told the graduating class at Morehouse College that he was going to pay off their student loans. This is going to give those students a good start in life.

But what about the students who saved their money and worked jobs to pay their tuition to keep from having to get student loans? Will they be repaid as well? It seems that if they're not, then their hard work and diligence to pay their own way was in vain.

Again, a very gracious effort, but let's not punish the ones who didn't have debt.

Ken Maury


Anti-abortion laws ignore men's roles

Lately there has been a rash of state legislatures passing restrictive abortion bills. Do you know what I hate about those bills? First of all, upon passage, you have the "group" picture of a bunch of white-haired guys grinning like they just won a trip to Las Vegas and whose knowledge of female anatomy can be distilled down to two body parts.

Second, it seems like there is a war going on across the country on women and their reproductive rights.

Where are the penalties for the male partners? Does the male partner have no consequence in all this? Don't get me started about who is responsible for birth control. It takes two to tango, os mne, man up.

Where is this infant/child going to live? Where will this child get food? Where will this child get medical attention? Who will educate this child? Who will help the single mother raising this child? Those questions need to be answered in any legislation that restricts the reproductive rights of a woman.

In this legislation, the men walk away scot-free and no worries, and the woman has a baby that she is legally responsible for for 18 years or she faces going to prison. Sounds fair?

Paul Orth


Unions support workers, families

As a right to work state, it must be reframed as "right to fire." VW and the anti-labor movement don't want you to unionize as now they can fire you at will. Under a union contract you have rights and would be protected until you had a fair hearing.

VW does not want you to unionize as now they just need to give you a pink slip. Under a union contract you would possibly get a pink slip but you would also receive benefits to help you transfer or train for a new position.

Many corporations that lay off people are for corporate mistakes, the current economic environment or both. You may get laid off, but under a union contract, at least you would have a cushion to help you and your family to find another position or retrain for another one.

VW likely will be laying off people as it changes its platform. Unionize, if not for you, then for the protection for your families.

I've been a member of two unions, Teamsters for two years and ALPA for 30 years. I have never regretted paying union dues.

Cherie Martinez


Dems should focus on forecast

Now that the Mueller report is semi-history, we will learn in the not-too-distant future that the FISA court affair was a plot to cover up dirty Democrat dealings.

Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Comey, etc., will, as the facts present themselves, have need to change their underwear frequently.

You other "lefties" now need to:

Shut up, find a hole to crawl in, and come out early next year and tell us what kind of spring we'll have.

Bob Anderson

Signal Mountain


Trump should embrace 'Be Best'

This month will be the first anniversary of Melania Trump's rollout of her "Be Best" initiative. One of the pillars of her campaign is social media, which she acknowledges has a "positive and negative effect on our children." She goes on to say, "It is our responsibility as adults to educate and remind them that when they are using their words either verbally or online, they must choose their words wisely and with compassion."

She would do well to start with her husband, who seems verbally challenged when it comes to his online "compassion." Here is just a sampling of some of his Twitter verbiage from this past year: "Nuts, Bozo, Pathetic, Lacky (misspelled), Dumb, Crazy, Sick, Sleazy, No talent, Loser, Rat, Deranged, Punch-Drunk, Lunatics, Psycho, Weirdo, Low life, Phony."

Those are the rants of a 12-year-old with a limited and childish vocabulary, not the president of the United States.

Rebecca Rochat


Bus contract award 'cavalier'

As a fiscally responsible Hamilton County taxpayer, one of my problems with the requested increase in the school budget is the cavalier way in which the board chose to spend $1 million more for bus service.

Yes, the tragic loss of six of our children in the Woodmore bus crash involved a Durham bus, but Durham was not the culprit, Johnthony Walker was. Punishing Durham doesn't bring back our children, or change the facts of the case.

Who on the school board informed First Student that this wouldn't be a competitive bid?

Jeff Wilson