So now a political precedent has officially been enacted within the halls of Congress: If the Democrat presidential candidate loses an election, impeach the winner, even if he has done nothing wrong.

Rules will be made up as you go along, and as long as your party is in the majority, 200-year-old judicial procedures mean nothing. And no member of the opposition may interfere with this blatant disrespect for proper congressional legalities. "Laws and rules be damned; we own the House of Representatives, and you Republicans should cower in the back of the room."

However, after the Senate votes it down, this charade will show the average voter Dems are a bunch of corrupt, lawless, backroom thugs who despise America, and all it stands for.

Next year, Donald Trump will be re-elected, the GOP Senate majority will increase and soon the House will return to Republican control. Why will this occur? Because, once again, the average American voter is quietly waiting to cast his or her ballot for honesty and integrity. They will reward the president for the greatest economic recovery ever and will not be denied by Democrat lies and illegalities.

This will be fun to watch!

John Bergen


Our punishment day is coming

"How shall we describe this abandonment of universal moral principles, except to say that we are stricken with blindness such as it has been written will come upon all men before the end of time. Just as the light of faith can be extinguished so that men no longer see the world through the eyes of Christ, so too the light of reason can be snuffed out, so that men no longer see right from wrong. " — Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

I dare say these days of blindness are here as we continually defile ourselves and God's mandates for man. He punished his chosen people, so there's no pass for us and a day of punishment is coming.

Sadly, Christian leaders who should be speaking out loudly are, instead, afraid, and their silence is deafening.

Peter Comaskey


He's done enough: On to impeachment

I disagree with a reent letter to the editor titled "'Impeach' strategy not a good call for the Dems."

The author maintains that Democrats are only interested in impeachment, and will run "on only one issue for the next 13 months." Actually, Democrats can both impeach presidents and propose laws at the same time.

From prescription drug price reform to the reauthorization of the 1994 Violence against Women Act, Democrats have already proposed and will continue to advocate a variety of measures to help the American people. In May alone, "Moscow" Mitch blocked more than 100 pieces of House-proposed legislation from coming to the Senate floor.

Trump does not have to commit a criminal act to be impeached. Punishing political enemies, lying to Congress, sharing intelligence with Russia, telling Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden — all of these could easily count as "high crimes and misdemeanors."

The founders feared someone like Trump assuming the American presidency. In Federalist 65, Hamilton wrote that impeachment was viewed as a remedy against "the abuse or violation of some public trust." In Federalist 68, he noted his great fear of foreign governments gaining influence in our republic.

Is Russia still listening?

Michael V. Woodward, Hixson