To Keith Fogleman and Hamilton County Schools Superintendent Bryan Johnson: Your teachers will continue to leave unless discipline in schools is restored.

Of course, that should be part of home training. We know it isn't.

Our Chattanooga teacher colleges should rethink their training. Students who want to be teachers should spend their freshman year in the Opportunity Zone schools to learn and appreciate the scope of the problems they will face once they are in the classroom.

Spending three years in their own classes and then the fourth year on site in a school is backward.

Margie Merritt, Ringgold, Georgia


Pen is stilled for letter writer Brown

In this world of tweets, posts and forwards, it's not often that you find someone still dedicated to the written word, someone who puts a stamp on an envelope and actually mails it.

Given the vast amount of handwritten pages left behind, many of them letters addressed to this paper, it only seems appropriate to let the readers know by way of this column.

Longtime TFP Letters to the Editor contributor Robert Lee Brown, better known as "Sparky" to friends and family, peacefully passed from this life on Oct. 6. Writing was one of his deepest passions, and giving his opinion ran a close second. He is greatly missed by many.

Bege Rogers, his daughter


Can't put trust in Democrats

In response to a recent letter writer: How would you compare yourself to Jesus Christ? As a matter of fact, what politician do you know could compare favorably with Jesus?

In 2016, all voters, Christian and non-Christian, had a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton of the Democrat Party is pro-abortion, and Donald Trump is staunchly pro-life. Why else do you think the Democrats were so against Justice Kavanaugh?

I don't vote for a person, according to how much he or she is like Jesus. I look to see if their policies are good for the country — things like bringing back manufacturing jobs, fair and equitable trade deals, prison reform, border protection, a tax reform bill (that no Democrat voted for), which helped spur this great economy. President Trump accomplished this and more while being constantly harassed by media and Democrats.

If you believe Democrats will accomplish anything they say, you are a "useful idiot."

Jack Runge, Rising Fawn, Georgia


Worried about coal ash rules relaxation

I became a protester during the '60's when my young children suffered frequent upper respiratory infections, and we were often alerted not to go outside during air pollution highs. We couldn't rely on the good judgment of our leaders or the civic responsibility of owners intent on profit, not public health standards. When the prevailing winds were right, we smelled chemical plant fumes that caught in the throat and made it hard for even the healthy to breathe.

Eventually we went from one of the most polluted U.S. cities to having clear, bright days. This year, we are suffering more from our environment. Reports say that coal ash is a factor in Tennessee, but I read that the government has relaxed restrictions so that this is no longer curtailed. Environmental restrictions have been relaxed.

We must fight for our health and our children's. Public safety is more than a cop on the corner. Favoring giant corporations over public well-being is shamefully wrong. Eventually, we spend more on illness, hospitalization, and human resources, while CEOs make big salaries and boards buy back stocks. Take our country back.

Helen Barrett


Impeachment sham likely to collapse

Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff have launched a sham of an impeachment inquiry, which should collapse for several reasons.

First, it is based on a foundation of lies and false promises. Second, their hearings were conducted in secret. Third, the president is not being allowed to defend himself through the required element of "due process." Gangsters and even terrorists are afforded more rights to defend themselves than the Democrats are giving the president.

Finally, the actual crime Pelosi and Schiff are committing is the crime against the American people. We are not being given the right to have open access to these secret hearings! Also, the Republicans are being stripped of all of their usual rights in this process. These are Soviet-style tactics. It is the Democrats in the House who are engaged in an "abuse of power." They are trying to oust a duly elected president without even starting with a clearly defined "high crime" being put forth. They have tried 8 to 10 failed accusations already and are still desperately searching for a serious crime.

With their impeachment obsession, the Dems end up voting little or nothing positive for the American people.

Jerry Johns, Ringgold, Georgia


Handwriting on wall for Trump?

There are so many common sayings found in the Bible. Daniel has two of them: Handwriting on the Wall and Feet of Clay. I thought of Handwriting on the Wall as I read a recent Monday "right side" (Free Press) column.

Erick Erickson discusses the impeachment inquiry in a realistic way, believing that at least "a half dozen Republican senators [are] willing to honestly consider impeachment" ... "some of them are starting to tire of him and just need an excuse." Jonah Goldberg's column was about integrity, something seriously lacking in this presidency. Goldberg quotes Oscar Wilde, who defined a cynic as knowing the price of everything but the value of nothing. "Trump talks a lot about the price of our relationships and commitments around the world. But he never talks about, or even acknowledges, the value of these things. ... Trump heaps praise on nations that reject our values while disparaging those that share them."

After reading these columns, my thought is, could this be a sign to us? Is this a modern version of handwriting on the wall — a portent of doom for this presidency? The Feet of Clay saying speaks for itself, I believe.

Byron Chapin, Hixson