I disagree with Friday's TFP letter "'Impeach' Strategy not a good call for the Dems."

The author maintains that Democrats are only interested in impeachment, and will run "on only one issue for the next 13 months." Actually, Democrats can both impeach presidents and propose laws at the same time. From prescription drug price reform to the reauthorization of the 1994 Violence against Women Act to background checks on gun dealers, Democrats have already proposed and will continue to advocate a variety of measures to help the American people.

Trump does not have to commit a criminal act to be impeached. Punishing political enemies, lying to Congress, sharing intelligence with Russia, telling Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden — all of these could easily count as "high crimes and misdemeanors."

The Founders feared someone like Trump assuming the American presidency. As Lawrence Tribe writes, impeachment "exists to guard against would-be tyrants who sacrifice democracy and sell out national security to advance their private self-interest, especially when they embroil foreign nations in that corrupt effort."

Let's add "I would like you to do us a favor though ..." to "Russia, if you're listening ... ."

Michael V. Woodward, Hixson


Country's divide makes 2020 look 'grim'

I was listening to CSPAN Washington Journal recently, and the pro-impeachment, con-impeachment call-ins were extremely strident.

Donald Trump a few days ago boasted that impeaching him "would cause a civil war." I halfway agree with him. It's a cultural divide wider than the Pacific Ocean.

2020 looks grim whether or not Trump wins re-election. Perish the thought, but Trump is not finished dividing the country further. Urban America and rural America are armed camps as different as night and day. I see no hope.

Mike Bodine


Trump's behavior clearly violates law

52 U.S. Code Section 30121 states: "It shall be unlawful for ... a person to solicit, accept, or receive ... from a foreign national" a "contribution or donation of money or other thing of value ... in connection with a Federal ... election."

Can it really be disputed that asking for dirt on a political opponent is asking for a thing of value? Clearly it is, and I also would note that this statute does not require a quid pro quo in order to create that illegality. The mere request — standing alone — is illegal.

I hate to think where such behavior would lead our democracy if Congress, and the public were to ignore (and thus condone) this violation of law. This law was designed to protect the integrity of our election system, as well as to avoid the obvious conflicts of interest that would arise.

Tom Walker


Hoping for better GOP candidates

If the Democrats want to win the upcoming election, impeaching Trump may work against them. I have been a conservative, Republican "never-Trumper" since well before his nomination.

But "never Trumpers" are not "anyone-but-Trumpers." Our sights are set on finding a sane, honest, fiscally and socially conservative candidate. Unfortunately, neither Republicans nor Democrats have presented us with such.

If Democrats continue successfully with impeachment, my prayer is that I will have a decent, God-fearing alternative to either Trump or anyone the Democrats are currently offering come 2020.

Given their current frontrunners, Democrats would be unwise to give Republicans a do-over, but I wish them godspeed, and I pray that sane, honest, fiscally and socially conservative Republicans join them in their pursuit of responsible government. Impeach!

Becky Wooley, Chattanooga