Because a good friend of mine is giving me a ride to the Blood Assurance satellite location in Hixson, I will be able to share platelets with this community. I believe I am helping to save a life when I do so.

No matter which form of blood product a donor gives, someone else will have his/her life extended and suffering alleviated. Rendering platelets is the one act I perform that gives me the most joy and satisfaction.

Please donate blood, and then ask about signing up for the National Marrow Donor Program.

Harry Geller


Stop Trump bashing; no one is perfect

I am sick and tired of the Trump bashing, your paper and the other liberals who have no clue of what will happen if we have open borders.

The Democrats promise $1,000 monthly allowance and $200 raise for those on Social Security. They failed to promise a new car and maid service. Maybe the money is coming from the money tree to pay for all of the free stuff.

Is President Trump perfect? No, but who is? I believe in him and I am proud to say I will vote for him again.

Janice Locke, Rock Spring, Georgia


Pitts could use some time in classrooms

A recent column by Leonard Pitts suggested that the number of students disciplined in a school should be equal by race.

I have spent 42 years in education and have found that, as a whole, black students have much less respect for authority and school rules than most other students and, therefore, are disciplined with more frequency than say Asian, Indian, white students, etc.

Mr. Pitts should spend a couple days in a typical inner city school and see what really goes on. I think he would be shocked at the disrespect and lack of appropriate classroom behavior that makes teaching and learning very difficult, if not impossible.

Darlene Werhnyak, Rossville, Georgia


God will be the ultimate judge

We are the overfed, over-drugged and over-sexed society. I thought about Jeffrey Epstein, a very rich man, who committed suicide at the age of 66. His life pivoted around trafficking young girls for sex. Thousands of rich men across the country pay for sex with under-aged girls.

We judge Epstein whereas thousands of others go Scot-free. Cutting his life short, Epstein became judge for his own crimes. I wondered if any of his friends would have helped him to carry his load or maybe his friends were deeply involved in sexual pleasure that they had become so insensitive to their spiritual and emotional concerns.

The love of sexual pleasure blinded Epstein to see the love of God which extends to every individual. No one can rise too high, and no one has fallen too low to be beyond the reach of God's love.

Life in a free society encourages members of this society to tolerate or ignore what is an irresponsible use of one's freedoms. We cannot judge Epstein for the kind of life he lived. We all are under the judgment of God.

Amos Taj, Ooltewah


Trump right to look into overseas corruption

There would be a better case to impeach President Donald Trump if he had ignored an inquiry into Biden's billion-dollar extortion.

Biden was shown on television bragging that he threatened to withhold money in aid to the Ukraine unless the Ukrainian prosecutor who was looking into his son was fired, and he was in six hours!

The Constitution requires that the president look into possible corruption.

Dr. Tom Herzog


Whistleblowing may go nowhere fast

You're a responsible government employee. You discover someone in your agency is breaking the law. You make the tough decision to become a whistle blower. It's the right thing to do.

So do you call that 1-800 whistleblower hotline number posted in every government break room in America?


First you call the House Intelligence Committee headed by Adam Schiff, D-California, where you speak to an aid to Schiff and get told to hire a lawyer. It's the right thing to do.

Seriously? The words bovine scatology come to mind

Bill Bastenbeck, Dayton, Tennessee


Embrace Pride; nothing to fear about it at all

I see a high ratio of negative-to-positive comments on Pride, and there is no real place this should come from. Everybody should go to Pride at least once, especially if you think that being LGBT is some sort of problem.

Pride isn't what anyone in these comments are describing. Pride is an accepting festival of people getting together on the basis of loving whoever you love.

If you have ever had any apprehension to LGBT Pride, please leave those notions at the door, and just go to a Pride event and have fun, whether you wait for next year's Chattanooga one or go out of town for one in another city. It's an experience you need to have.

James Rogers


Tap multiple sources on climate change

Much as I admire Dr. Clif Cleaveland as a true Renaissance man, I would suggest that he rely on someone such as Dr. Lindzen, MIT emeritus professor of atmospheric studies, rather than 16-year-old St. Greta Thunberg of Sweden for his input on his so-called climate crisis (last Sunday commentary).

To start with, there is no climate crisis. Several studies have shown wildfires are no more common now than centuries ago. Hurricanes are not increasing in frequency or intensity. The damage they do has increased because of the increase in the area and value of human habitation.

Carbon dioxide's role as a greenhouse gas is about at its limit. Methane and nitrous oxide's impact is overwhelmed by the competitive effect of water vapor, plus there is very little energy transfer from the earth at the electromagnetic frequency at which these gases might have an effect .

In Dr. Lindzen's words, believing carbon dioxide controls the earth's climate is like believing in magic.

Terence Knee, Hixson