In a CNN Town Hall on Oct. 11, Sen. Elizabeth Warren was asked a question by a conservative Christian if marriage should be between one man and one woman.

Her reply: Then marry one woman. There was an exchange, applause and laughter in the audience.

Then Chris Cuomo asked a follow-up question. "Sen. Warren, you grew up in a conservative Christian household. Did you always feel that way?"

Her reply was that she didn't take notes as a child but ventured a statement that her community was one of quiet respect for the life choices of others. She commented she was alarmed at the amount of hatred and vitriol now being expressed toward others, especially from purportedly Christians.

In this regard, she recalled the words in a song "Jesus loves all the children of the world" and summed up that Christianity should be about respect for the personal life choices of others without telling them how to live.

John F. Eary, Ringgold, Georgia


'Hateful' GOP takes all joy out of life

The Republicans never miss an opportunity to be hateful and divisive, do they? Even a family festival in a small rural town brings out the snarky hats, T-shirts and bumper stickers.

They ought to be hiding and lowering their heads in shame after the shenanigans in the GOP supermajority legislature this year as well as the lies and corruption of the president. I

only can assume that their denial, avoidance of facts, and the lies they have to tell themselves daily are stressful, so they take the joy out of everything.

Sandra Rice, Sewanee


How can Trump let allies be murdered?

Trump has done what he promised. He stands (not on 5th Avenue) but on the world stage and murders our allies, the Kurds.

And some in the GOP, the Republican (Trump) cult, including those orange-lipped in Congress, cheer him on.

Words don't exist to express our disgrace!

Randall Ray, East Ridge


Student discipline is parents' purview

Regarding a recent discussion on the Hamilton County Board of Education as to the discipline problem and the solution.

We seem to be missing a key answer to this problem. Our teachers are there to teach and should not have their time taken away from teaching with disruptive students.

This needs to be handled with their parents.

Parents need to be advised that if their children cannot behave in school, they will be called to come get their child. When they solve the problem, their child can return to school. The child will receive three warnings, and then it is the parents' responsibility. If a parent cannot control their child, then they need to look into other solutions.

This is not our schools' responsibility, and our "teachers" should not be expected to control your children.

Virginia Carr, Soddy-Daisy