The wooded areas around Chattanooga that shelter birds and wildlife and help give the city its much-touted outdoor personality seem to be disappearing at an alarming rate, thanks to development.

Flood plain forest near Camp Jordan in East Ridge was destroyed this summer, without proper state conservation permits, for a soccer stadium. I don't want our community to lose its natural beauty. Experts tell us that when you cut down woods in a flood plain, the flooding gets worse.

A longtime forested tract on Shallowford Road has been destroyed for a new project. And similar wooded areas on Shallowford Road and Bonny Oaks Road in the Hickory Valley area are up for sale. Meanwhile, modern office and commercial buildings and their parking areas sit almost empty along major roads in town.

One would hope that Chattanooga or East Ridge would require developers to preserve a portion of land as forest or park space to keep these areas from becoming totally commercialized.

It looks as if we're about to pave paradise and put up a parking lot. And nobody seems to care.

Allen Chesney


Pastors should tend their flock at home

The Hamilton County pastors seeking a meeting with the governor over an isolated police "brutality" case would be better served, to say nothing of being truer to their calling as pastors, to address in their pulpits and ministry the brutality occurring almost nightly in their communities (the 99%) rather than focus on rare cases (the 1%) where police overreact while arresting criminals.

Jeff Wilson, Ooltewah


Sellers of CBD just snake oil salesmen

In the early 1900s, the average housewife had become addicted to cure-all's, elixirs and tonics containing cocaine, morphine and opium. Salesmen promised their tonics and oils could cure diseases, relieve pain and improve your well-being. They were known as "snake oil salesmen."

The whole push behind the CBD oil and hemp is an attempt to paint a good picture of a bad drug! I used to be a pothead and grew marijuana until the day I asked Jesus Christ to come into my life.

Jesus said: "The thief came not but to kill, steal, and destroy, but I have come to give you life, and life more abundantly." Satan would have you addicted to a dandelion if he could use it to steal your heart away from God — kill and destroy your brain cells and get you obsessed with it.

Don't fall for this line that hemp plants don't contain THC. THC is the chemical in all cannabis that helps produce seeds. All pot smokers want the most potent pot they can find. You wouldn't want them driving toward your loved ones after smoking a joint of sensimilla.

You can't smoke marijuana and serve Jesus.

Michael Siemer


Electric car fee not the way to go

A friend sent me a link about Iowa getting on the bandwagon and putting in electric vehicle charging stations. That's really great, I thought. Then, being a bit of a progressive, I calculated the cost per mile for me to go electric.

Tennessee is adding $100/year to tag registrations for electric vehicles. I only drive about 6,000 miles per year. Federal and state road tax is about .40/gallon. That means I would pay more than twice as much per mile in gas (road) tax than polluters for buying an electric car. I would be subsidizing gas guzzlers?

I didn't expect to be punished for spending more to drive a cleaner vehicle. It ought to be the reverse, right (asks the son of a coal miner, long departed)?

It begs the question: Is a fossil fuel industry puppeteer working state legislators? We need to get our guard up for the coming taxation on electric cars for the loss of road tax. There is a fairer way to calculate a road tax for electric vehicles.

Tennessee is an educated state. We will surely not let corruption make us a participant in fouling the nest of humanity.

M. Bartley


Composting keeps methane gas down

Composting is a process that converts unused food scraps, waste and paper into nutrient-rich soil and fertilizer. These are world resources that can be produced at home with unwanted waste, in a renewable fashion.

Composting is a great alternative to sending everything to a landfill where it will slowly decompose and produce methane under a sealed, oxygen-free environment. Methane is a harmful greenhouse gas that is sometimes collected to sell for profit but other times just pumped out and released back into the atmosphere.

Compost House has been in Chattanooga for a little over two years, with minimal media recognition since opening its doors. It provides collection services for composting made easily accessible at home or the office. In return, Compost House will deliver processed compost to members for use in their flower beds and neighborhood gardens.

Chattanooga is a green city and leans on this concept of making our city the best that it can be. Thus, I would like to see the businesses and homes, as well as the media, supporting more sustainability efforts at a local level through processes such as composting.

Cidney A. Coppock


Trump can push Democrat buttons

To a reader who recently criticized the president:

May I respond to your six adjectives (mentally unstable, uncouth, buffoon, etc.) describing President Trump? POTUS is a highly intelligent, rich, husband of a beautiful wife, father of smart children, knows how to push Dem buttons man.

Your opinion and my opinion mean nothing. Neither is factual (mine more so than yours).

Margie Merritt, Ringgold, Georgia


Wondering why Trump supported

I'm neither a conservative nor a liberal, just a concerned citizen of the United States. I question why anyone supports a president who continually lies, can't be trusted, uses foul language, commits adultery, is a racist, denies global warming and alienates our international allies.

He is not making America great in the eyes of the world — just the opposite. People consider him to be a disgrace and a spoiled billionaire. If he doesn't get his way, he either blames the Democrats or just says he's right and everyone else is wrong.

He's a womanizer who has had hush money paid to his sexual partners and brags about his relationships.

As a racist, he opposes Muslims, Hindus, Mexicans, Jews and African Americans.

Glaciers are melting at alarming rates and sea levels continue to rise threatening coastal areas. Yet, our president is in denial.

Several countries, including Denmark, England and Germany, no longer show support for the policies expressed by our president.

I'm puzzled by the continued support for this individual by the majority of people in this state.

Bob Simonds, Sequatchie


Keep propaganda out of our politics

Our president has been called a woman-hater. He has been called a Russian agent who worked in collusion with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

He has been called totally incompetent and mentally unstable. It was said his family needed to step in and do an "intervention." It is often reported the White House is in "chaos."

More recently, he has been called one of the worst racists ever. And besides that, he runs "concentration camps" on the Southern board. And he is totally and personally

responsible for the recent horrific killing sprees.

These charges continue in one form or another around the clock and are fueled by much of the media and many of the leading Democrats.

There is a word for this — "propaganda." It is manufactured, highly exaggerated and a full distortion of reality. It is hoped if these attacks are repeated loud enough and long enough that many Americans will start believing them.

Propaganda is something we expect from communist countries, but it should have no place in U.S. politics. It must not be allowed to succeed! Hopefully, it won't.

Jerry Johns, Ringgold, Georgia