This letter concerns the proposed grocery store for Walden on Signal Mountain. Some residents hope that store will offer "cheaper" groceries. Unfortunately, most consumers do not understand the grocery business.

The "great" prices advertised on television and in printed circulars are known as "loss leaders." Grocers lower the prices on some items to get customers in the store but raise prices on others to balance the difference or "loss." Grocers operate on very small profit margins. Lower grocery prices are not a reality.

I wonder how added transportation up and down the mountain will affect those prices. It makes sense that additional mileage would be factored into the cost.

Further, if you live on Signal, you are experiencing waiting while Signal Mountain Road is repaired. This is a reminder of how fragile the road is! Additional semis going up and down the mountain daily to stock the grocery mean continued road destruction, repairs and sitting at temporary traffic lights. Who pays? Signal Mountain residents: in taxes, lost productivity and wasted gas.

The unfounded promise of cheaper groceries is not worth it!

Eugenia D. Allderdice, Signal Mountain


President's past certainly matters

In response to last Sunday's letter, "President's past deeds irrelevant."

It absolutely matters! Would you hire a bank robber as a bank security guard? Or hire a racist to work at an inner-city school? Or a molester to work at a women's shelter?

I am also a concerned citizen who keeps up with what is happening in America. It boggles my mind there are people who think Trump is doing a good job. For every one "good" thing you think he has done, I can name at least 10 bad things he has actually done to this country.

Yes, we are all imperfect. But we should hold the president to a higher standard. We should demand he/her have morals, they put the country first, they are aware of their shortcomings and they hire the best people to advise them. At a minimum, they should be able to say, "I made a mistake" or "I was wrong". Not continuously lie in an attempt to cover up a mistake.

So, we should absolutely face the facts! Because if we don't and he is re-elected, we will fall so far down the Trump rabbit hole we may never recover.

Kim Collum


Pastors have duty to be role models

I would like to address this message to the 25 preachers who have "demanded" that Sheriff Jim Hammond resign. The first thing that comes to mind is "forget it." This is not going to happen.

As a pastor myself, I would like to give each of you words of advice that come from God's word:

"I exhort therefore, that, 'first' of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for 'all' men; for kings, and for 'all' that are in authority; that 'we' may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty" (1 Timothy 2:1-2).Have you prayed?

As ministers of Jesus Christ, we need to set examples for our youth, rather than coddling them and making excuses for them. We need to teach them that crime does not pay. If they choose to do drugs, steal or verbally assault a law enforcement officer, they will have to suffer the consequences.

As ministers and pastors, we have a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in some young person's life and the possibility to make peace rather than trouble. Why not try it?

Rev. Ronnie Case, South Pittsburg