Before we started the economic shutdown statewide in Georgia, cases of COVID-19 were increasing at a rate of around 10% per day. Since we fully instituted stay-at-home orders, we have slowed that rate to around 3-5% per day.

Now that we are planning on reopening our state, one can infer that the infection rate will go back up, perhaps to the 10% level.

This means that by June 1 we will have one million cases statewide, and at least 40,000 deaths.

The math isn't that complex.

What is Gov. Brian Kemp, or Gov. Bill Lee for that matter, thinking?

Dan Strickland

Rock Spring, Georgia


Drain our gene pool's shallow end

I say give those protesting social distancing exactly what they want but only in a secluded area for protesters so they cannot spread it to innocent people who understand the dangers of this virus.

Also, deny medical treatment for any protester, family member or friend who is in agreement and supports their stupidity and contracts COVID-19.

This is an excellent opportunity to drain the shallow end of our gene pool.

Richard Moore

Cleveland, Tennessee


Bennett should get out of liberal bubble

About his "Liberate Stupidity" cartoon on April 21 (Chattanooga Times, page B6):

Although I am not a fan of Clay Bennett given his left-wing partisanship, I do respect his right to express his opinion, which is clearly protected by freedom of the press as enshrined in the First Amendment.

Apparently, however, he doesn't seem to respect others' First Amendment rights such as freedom of speech, freedom to peaceably assemble and the right to petition the government for the redress of grievances. Instead, he chooses to mock his fellow Americans for exercising these rights.

Of course, he is still fully employed and getting a regular paycheck and probably has not had his life measurably disrupted by the coronavirus restrictions and lockdowns. I would surmise that, despite being insulated in his progressive bubble, he realizes that many of his fellow Tennesseans have lost their jobs with "non-essential" businesses and, as such, are urging their elected leaders to begin opening up the economy in a common-sense manner.

But rather than acknowledge that, he seems to be in the Pelosi/Schumer camp that wishes to continue the lockdown for as long as possible so as to inflict as much damage to the U.S. economy for purely partisan reasons.

James Nelson



Free Press cartoon disparages Asians

About the April 5 Free Press "China Coronavirus Victory Tour" cartoon by Michael Ramirez:

This cartoon was tasteless, misleading and potentially endangering to Asian Americans. No one disputes that this virus is traceable to Wuhan. What is entirely disputable is the view that China has unleashed this on the world with a malicious intent.

Consider that China's own fatality total is massive, and almost certainly underreported. Economic harm to China has also been gigantic.

Consider that a recent Sunday TFP reported large shipments of ventilators from China after fervent American appeals for help. Consider that Asian Americans (of several national backgrounds) are already being exposed to hateful abuse inside the U.S. because of their imagined connection to the virus. They do not deserve and we do not need this incendiary cartoon.

Kenneth J. Stewart

Lookout Mountain, Georgia