Trump protecting lives of citizens

News flash! President Trump's sending federal agents into Chicago to quell the violence there is not, as characterized by the AP in an article on the front page of the July 22 Times Free Press, unprecedented.

Flashback to Little Rock, Arkansas, 1957: To protect the lives and civil rights of the Little Rock Nine and to stop a violent insurrection, President Eisenhower sent 1,000 U.S. troops into the fray. He didn't just send law enforcement agents; he sent members of the elite 101st Airborne — in full battle gear. He meant business. That's what effective presidents do when citizens' lives, civil order and lawful behavior are threatened. It's what Eisenhower did then; it's what Trump is doing now.

Beverly Richards

Trenton, Georgia


We have choices in the land of the free; choose wisely

While living in the land of the free and home of the brave, seat belts have been known to save lives and to reduce injury. Perhaps it would be worthwhile for one to use them; it is a choice (and a law in most states).

Face masks have been known to be helpful in many dusty and dirty areas. We therefore listen to reason and wear one for self-protection. Today, to lessen the risk of coronavirus, why not listen to that same reason and wear a mask? If it doesn't help you, it might help others. It is a choice.

While we are free to do whatever we wish, we are also free to exercise a little intelligence in the better interest of self and each other. It is a choice.

Chet Tschetter


Get creative to boost widespread mask use

Ideas to get Southern bubbas and other contrarians to wear masks:

1. Sell masks with the rebel flag and/or NASCAR symbol on them;

2. Forbid them wearing masks;

3. Give drink discounts to mask-wearers in bars;

4. Have Dr. Fauci declare mask-wearing enhances sexual prowess and attraction;

Thomas Rodgers

Dayton, Tennessee


Chinese, experts have failed us

Just over 3.8 million Americans have now tested positive for COVID-19. The great and wonderful news is that that means that 324 million Americans have not been infected by the virus.

And yet, the 324 million have had their quality of life largely destroyed by the so-called "expert" authorities and politicians who have made some flawed and narrow-minded decisions in dealing with the virus. They failed to look closely enough at the consequences of imposed nationwide, extreme mitigations. Those decisions have ended up hurting most of the citizens of this country five to 10 times more seriously than has the virus itself.

Some states and countries have shown you don't have to destroy the quality of life for citizens while trying to protect society's most vulnerable.

Deaths have occurred from this virus, and each American who died is a hero, having died at the hands of our foremost enemy, communist China. China could have contained this virus within its Wuhan territory. With the coronavirus outbreak, China prohibited Wuhan residents from traveling within China, but let infected Wuhan residents travel freely to the rest of the world.

Thus, the horrific worldwide catastrophe against much of humanity resulted!

Jerry Johns

Ringgold, Georgia


Trump revels in national disunity

Every president has received his share of criticism. As a 1947 baby boomer, I don't recall much of Truman or Eisenhower, but:

* Kennedy — Not tough enough on labor or Soviets;

* Johnson — Vietnam War, Great Society;

* Nixon — Vietnam, Watergate;

* Ford — Pardoned Nixon;

* Carter — Iranian hostage crisis;

* Reagan — Privatization, Iran-Contra, "Star Wars";

* Bush 41 — Iraq, then economy sagged;

* Clinton — Ken Starr, Monica Lewinsky;

* Dubya — Waterboarding, back into Iraq;

* Obama — "Birther" claims, "Obamacare";

* Trump — Pick one.

Criticism is part of the job — a lot of criticism, much of it, perhaps, unfair. Still, 10 of these 11 presidents continued to speak to the American people as a whole rather than lauding his supporters while disparaging those of different views or those who questioned his actions. Only one has claimed to be "perfect" in all he's done while attacking adversaries as "losers," "liars," "radical socialists," "fake news," "deep state," "leftists," "hoaxes" and so much more.

Trump revels in confrontation more than creating national unity within a diverse population. America is more divided than it's been in the last 59 years — more than during Vietnam War protests, civil rights struggles, Watergate ....

Grady S. Burgner



Conservative opinion writers lost their souls

A statement on the conservative side of a recent editorial page said "once upon a time newspapers, especially in the South, stood up to the mob."

I contend this is a full-throated indictment of the Free Press page and other conservative opinion pages in the South. They have turned in their journalist's morals, scruples, principles and backbones in order to worship at the altar of the mob boss, D.J. Trump. They mimic the Republican members of the U.S. Congress who fear the wrath of Trump more than they fear losing any and all credibility with objective voters, conservative op/ed editors, objective readers.

How in the world, please explain to me, can so many grown people in concert fear one human being?

Allan Baggett


Greeson's words may sting but are 'right on'

About the recent ranter who urged sending Page A2 columnist Jay Greeson back to the paper's Sports Department:

I must disagree with you. Greeson's "Right to the Point" columns are always "right on," very informative and offer a bit of humor. His obit observations are always written in good taste and with the utmost respect for families. Over the years, Jay has earned his stripes by producing some outstanding articles in the Sports pages.

Sure, he has taken some potshots at local politicians over the years, but they were well-deserved. He simply points out what he thinks are the errors of their ways. Greeson is one journalist you never feel you have to run "fact checks" on after reading his columns.

May I point out several other columnists in the paper that I think this ranter will be more comfortable reading, such as Leonard Pitts, Charles Blow and Paul Krugman? All offer all the discontent you can stand.

Right field for Jay? Never. Put him on the pitcher's mound.

Jim Shull



President backed by 'we've-had-its'

Dear President Trump,

You know who we are, and you know we have many names and descriptions. For now, we may be called the "League-of-We've-Had-Its." Because we have really had it with liberal mayors in "sanctuary cities" who continually allow throngs of rioters to assault their police and other first-responders. These Democratic terrorists are hijacking our cities for months at a time, preventing average Americans from conducting normal business there.

Mr. President, we voted you into office because we believed your promises to improve our wonderful country. And you have more than fulfilled your commitments to us, and we are so grateful that we will gladly vote for you again. However, enough is enough, and we ask that you not wait until the election is over to put a stop to this national disgrace in our cities. Do whatever it takes to end this lawlessness. We support our courageous law enforcement officers who are being humiliated, injured, and even murdered, and we know they desperately need you to help them gain the respect and assistance they deserve. We, the "League-of-We've-Had-Its" are behind you 100 percent!

John Bergen