Sure, expand benefits; someone else will pay

Listen to or read most media over the last four years and you are not hearing or reading the news but listening to or reading a constant barrage of vitriol against the greatest president our country has ever had. One has to beg the question, why?

Consider for a moment a fictitious business like, say a bank. We'll call the bank the Federal Bank of Insalubrious (FBI). The bank has 50 employees, and all have been stealing from the bank for years. Since all are stealing, no one has anything to say about each other.

The board is getting wise and electing a new president to clean up the swamp. How will the thieves deal with the new president? Welcome to today's government — Washington, D.C., state or Podunk, USA. It's no longer government of the people, by the people, and for the people but how much can I steal and keep the brain-dead fooled and voting for me.

A New York senator bloviates: "We will take Georgia and then change America." America's new motto will be "Let me have the benefits. Let others pay the costs."

Ed Huber



Community needs assessment vital

Chattanooga is known as Gig City, offering a number of resources through technology opportunities, higher education and great outdoor adventures. In the last 15 years, the city has undergone many revitalization efforts to attract tourists, entrepreneurs and new residents. Revitalization efforts have included a city-wide cleanup, infrastructure development that supports city growth, and implementation of sustainability practices. Though the city is increasing digital access, and is home to a Fortune 500 company, many communities historically have not benefited from these advancements.

Despite these efforts, many residents of color have been displaced and denied access to these resources. This has exposed systemic racism and environmental injustices in low-income areas. After Chattanooga's development, low-income communities observed health effects from pollution and economic disparities from unaffordable housing, which limit the opportunity to establish wealth.

One strategy to combat these issues is the development and implementation of a community needs assessment, where community stakeholders are part of the solution. With stronger collaboration among residents, stakeholders, businesses, and local government, the city can be a place all residents enjoy.

Jaden Stone


Engage with world to achieve success

It has been interesting to read many articles and iterations of America First thinking and planning over the past four years.

What I now read today by President- elect Joe Biden remains America First, yet importantly different in that it is with engagement to and with the world.

Understand it or not, like it or not, we cannot live in isolation and be as successful as we are capable of being. Through engagement with and an understanding of others, we will achieve our fullest potential. If we choose to do less, we sell ourselves short. Let us not do that.

Chet Tschetter