Remember all those who supported Trump

We the people will remember you, the traitors who have sworn to uphold our Constitution but instead supported this sick man who occupies the Oval Office until Jan. 20.

Especially you, our elected representatives. You, Chuck Fleischmann, and you, Scott DeJarlais. And all your cronies who were so cowered by this pitiful excuse for a man. We the people will not let you forget your betrayal of us and our country.

I hope the TFP will publish the names of all elected officials who supported this disgusting assault on our democracy.

SueCarol Elvin


Rethink COVID relief; how about bonds?

The United States of America has not found it difficult to fund wars, so why is it so difficult to find ways to fund COVID-19 relief? My parents invested in war bonds in World War II. But since then, there have been few similarly advertised opportunities to support the efforts of our country.

My wife and I received deposits of $1,200 each and anticipate another deposit of $600 each soon. We do not need this money to survive, and we have donated the bulk of the money we already received to charities. I suspect that many people receiving these direct deposits don't need them. Let's rethink this.

A family of four whose total income is less than $150,000 is likely to need it a lot more than a retired couple like us. Second, how about allowing us to buy COVID bonds. We buy bonds that provide the federal government with funds to be used specifically for COVID-19 relief. The cost of the bonds reduces our taxable income, the bonds accrue interest, and we pay taxes on their value when we cash in the bonds, much like IRA investments.

James M. Hemsley


Cult of Trump likely to persist after Jan. 20

A letter writer to TFP recently wrote that Trump's cult was over. I respectfully disagree.

This cult existed long before Trump started his active political career. He became the willing face, voice and facilitator of this cult. This cult has had a long history of individuals who believe they only understand what this country stands for, who belongs as citizens, and what the Constitution says. All others of different views are wrong, and in some minds treasonable.

By no means do I believe that everyone who voted for Trump belongs to this cult. Many were turned off by the Republicans painting the Democratic party as socialist or worst. The Democrats must get better at fighting in the trenches like the Republicans.

Whether Trump's influence wanes after Jan. 20, 2021, the crust of this cult will remain. Shamefully included in this core are many Republican senators and congressmen. It is to this core that Biden hopes to extend an olive branch. It is hoped that he does not extend his arm too far, because based on the current climate, it will be chopped off.

Archie Thurman