Thank you to the Red Bank Fire Department. A few months ago, my husband fell, and I could not get him up. The Red Bank Fire Department's quick response and professionalism made sure he was quickly on his way to the hospital.

We will always be grateful for you. You are a real plus for Red Bank.

Jeaneine and Jim Hartley


Reader shocked he, Cal Thomas agree

I've marked today on my calendar, Feb. 13, as the first time I can remember ever agreeing with an opinion column in your newspaper written by Cal Thomas, or his ghost writers.

Today Cal, bless his heart, castigates Trump for his inhuman behavior at the annual Washington prayer breakfast as if it's an anomaly.

Maybe Cal needs to revisit and reread his opinion pieces on Trump from early 2016 until today. Mr. Thomas has been second only to Hannity, or maybe Limbaugh, as Trump's lead explainer, apologist, water carrier and sycophant. Why, after all the immoral and unethical deeds Trump has committed, does he get his hackles up now?

I worry about where Cal's loyalties will now lie, now that he has been bold enough to challenge Trump. Does integrity still matter? Would "RIP, Cal Thomas' career, we hardly knew ye" as an epitaph be out of line? It's just a matter of time, though I feel it's justifiable suicide.

Allan Baggett Trion, Georgia


Sen. Romney thanked for his integrity

It is a sad day for our country when a United States senator votes his conscience on the floor of the Senate and is labeled a traitor by the president and his supporters.

In the impeachment trial, Romney, as well as every other Senator, swore an oath before God to uphold the Constitution of the United States. He did not swear a personal loyalty oath to Trump. There is a distinct difference.

Thank you Sen. Romney for your courage and integrity.

The Rev. H. Hunter Huckabay Jr.


Look to children before you vote

In response to the "women in Congress set back movement" letter writer:

* Are you serious? You condemn what you perceive to be bad behavior by the women in Congress while condoning Trump's behavior?

* Trump is a bully. He constantly insults, belittles and tries to intimidate his so-called enemies. His behavior is sophomoric and embarrassing, so much so that world leaders are laughing at him.

* And to say he is doing a good job based solely on the economy is ludicrous.

* What about climate change, health care, protection of our national forest, equal rights, nuclear weapons, a woman's reproductive rights, child care I could go on and on.

* Before going to the ballot box, everyone should ask themselves: What kind of world do we want our children to inherit? Can we look future generations in the eye and say we fought for what was right?

Win or lose, it's time to stand up! Stand up and shout, "We are mad as heck and we are not going to take it anymore."

Kim Collum


Common sense gun legislation needed

As reported by the Times Free Press, new research confirms what students, parents, and teachers already know: active shooter drills traumatize schoolchildren.

Here's another fact about active shooter drills: they don't address gun violence in the United States. School shootings get the biggest headlines, but they aren't the leading cause of gun deaths. Per Everytown for Gun Safety, only 0.2% of 36,000 gun deaths each year occur at a school.

The leading cause of death for children and teens in Tennessee? Guns. With 1,003 gun deaths per year, Tennessee ranks twelfth in the country. From 2008 to 2017, gun deaths increased by 19% — higher than the national average.

We need real proactive solutions that don't cause more trauma. We need common sense legislation that protects every Tennessean's right to safety. Currently, the General Assembly is considering reckless bills like HB1202/SB2288 to allow public college students to conceal carry on campus and HB2661/SB2888 to allow permitless concealed carry. These bills are dangerous and lack common sense.

We can end gun violence and related trauma in schools and across Tennessee. Join Moms Demand Action in Nashville for Advocacy Day on March 4.

Rachel Lesler


Moms Demand Action volunteer

Why is it so hard to pay local taxes?

I am the owner of property in Chattanooga. I hold the mortgage on a piece of land on which taxes have not been paid. I have a master's degree in engineering, and my wife has a masters in education. I was the plant manager at one time for Brown's Ferry Nuclear Plant.

I just want you to know how difficult it is to work with both the city and county. I have tried to pay the tax bills for two days. I have made checks out on my bank and deleted them a few minutes ago. I called the city yesterday and got different numbers than today. Hamilton County will not let me just send them a check but wants multiple checks, and the numbers do not match. It is impossible to take care of the issue with any confidence.

You should look into this issue. I just got a different set of numbers from the city today than yesterday. I ask what has changed. No answer. These are the most incompetent organizations that I have ever dealt with. Unbelievable...

Lew W. Myers


There's a way to get 'vet' put on your Real ID

When I went to get my Real ID driver's license, I took along my Defense Department DD214 documenting my military service.

The DMV said nothing about needing it in any of the online information that I had seen, but I took it anyway. The processor at the DMV looked at it and asked if I wanted my Real ID license to say "veteran" on it. I said, "Sure."

If you are a veteran and you want your driver's license to state that fact, show your DD214 with you when you apply for your Real ID.

Kirk Bubul, Kimball, Tennessee