Recently you published a cartoon showing a Christian worshiping a statue of a bull named "Trump" and saying he was forsaking his Christianity to do so.

I don't recall ever seeing such a distortion of the truth. I see Trump as God's personal assistant, for the following reasons:

1. The majority of evangelicals voted for Trump.

2. Billy Graham started a magazine that recently called for Trump's impeachment. Did only Fox News interview Franklin Graham, Billy's son? Franklin declared he himself voted for Trump and that his father voted for Trump. Franklin claimed the magazine's editor was now a Trump hater.

3. Trump is threatening to lessen foreign aid to countries that persecute Christians.

Dr. Tom Herzog, East Ridge


Editorialists urged to find common ground

Like many of your readers, I am tired and frustrated by the childish partisanship of our elected representatives on both sides. Cable TV news programs simply amplify the divide between left and right.

But it should not be too much to ask that our local newspaper rise above this feud mentality and offer something that readers might benefit from and learn from, rather than reinforcing their pre-existing views.

Is it too much to ask that Pam Sohn and Clint Cooper actually find common ground and present a broader spectrum of news and opinion in their editorial columns, so that readers might want to read both sides of the editorial page?

In my career I have co-authored several articles with people who held different viewpoints, offering the readers a chance to ponder the issue at hand. The editorials by Ms. Sohn and Mr. Cooper are not beholden to political parties. Perhaps they could work together on an editorial now and then? Or cross over the centerfold?

Reasonable people can disagree and still find common ground, and I, for one, would find that discussion worth reading.

John Friedl, Signal Mountain


Why does Pam Bondi lie for Trump?

In 2013, then-Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi announced she wouldn't bring criminal or civil charges against Trump University, the online for-profit so-called college Donald Trump founded that did not actually offer university courses and was long accused of being a scam designed to defraud vulnerable people looking to get ahead. Bondi made that decision immediately after the Trump Foundation donated $25,000 toward her reelection bid.

Now, she out and out lies for Trump, saying stupid stuff that can be proven wrong by transcripts — like saying Republicans did not get a chance to testify during the impeachment and other lies.

Sue Carol Elvin