The IG alerted Congress to possible crimes being committed against our nation by the POTUS.

Democrats, behaving like patriots, keeping their oath of office, doing their job as mandated by the Constitution, gathered copious amounts of evidence from ever-increasing sources, interviewed the patriotic witnesses who came forward at great risk to themselves and determined the threat was indeed credible. They acted swiftly, with the other side declining to act at all.

Republicans in the House and Senate, despite taking the same oath, refused to even look at the evidence and instead belittled, attacked and maligned the nonpartisan witnesses who came forward. The Republicans appear to be in lockstep with their party's corrupt defendant.

It appears there is partisanship on both sides of the aisle. I am aligning myself with the patriots who are valiantly trying to save our republic from the attacks coming from within the White House.

There was a time when our politicians and lawmakers were held to a higher standard with a moral compass, a code of ethics and a conscience. I long for those good old days.

God bless our brave patriots and this nation.

Brenda Resh


Would we wait to kill Hitler?

Congratulations to President Trump for ordering the targeted killing of Gen. Soleimani, the Iranian terrorist. U.S. intelligence claims he is responsible for the deaths of more than 600 American military personnel. He provided explosive-formed penetrators to the terrorists in order to kill American citizens.

The U.S. blamed the general for a recent attack that killed an American contractor working for the U.S. government. Trump had warned Iran not to kill Americans. It crossed the line.

Now, Democrats are shrilly screeching that we are trying to begin World War III. Look at what happened. The Iranians bounced a little sand around and cowardly called it a day.

Now the cry is, was there evidence of imminent attack? This is laughably irrelevant. Let me suggest a comparison. Would it be OK to kill Adolf Hitler in a targeted attack due to past actions?

Wait, say Democrats, Hitler must have his finger on the oven start button to make it OK. This is analogous to what Democrats are insisting on.

Further, Democrats tried to blame Trump for Iran shooting down a Ukrainian airliner. One should dismiss them for the fools and appeasers they are. Appeasers get their rear ends kicked, too. They accept it graciously.

Jim Howard