Trump has kept promises; re-elect him

We must vote to re-elect President Trump for a second term. He has done a far better job than his predecessor even with the opposition to him and his efforts.

He has kept his promises far better than most other elected officials. He is building the border wall, which should have been done 40 years ago. Then we would not have millions of people living here illegally on our tax dollars.

He appointed two conservative Supreme Court justices, as he promised, as well as many other conservative judges. He moved the embassy to Jerusalem, where it should be, keeping another promise.

He has not supported the abortion industry with our tax dollars, which is a major accomplishment. We should not be paying for murder of unborn babies. We should not be paying for LGBTQ sex-change operations with tax money. If someone wants surgery, he or she or their insurance should pay for it.

If Joe Biden is elected, his position is the opposite on these issue. He will lead our nation down the wrong path and lead to our destruction.

Wilma Holbrook


Removing statues is not erasing history

On the grounds of what they represent, I firmly believe all Confederate statues should be removed. When you name a structure such as the Edmund Pettus Bridge or erect a monument honoring a person, it should be reflective of an ideal. Though no one is perfect, the thrust of their life's work and accomplishment is what is being venerated. Removing a monument — Nathan Bedford Forrest for example — is not denying history. It is not denying that he fought gallantly, even bravely, in the defense of what he believed (slavery) nor is it denying that he was founder of the KKK. That's history, and it remains. The removal signifies that we choose not to have his image occupying public space as a reminder of a life's contribution that is absolutely an anathema and counter to the better aspirations of American ideals.

When you go to Germany, there is a reason you don't see statues of Himmler, Hitler or Goering, nor do you see swastikas hanging in storefront windows. Their absence has nothing whatsoever to do with any public or governmental efforts of denial that they existed but simply, the German people choose not to celebrate their causes in public places at public expense.

Denny Pistoll

Rising Fawn, Georgia


Support businesses that offer safe shopping

I am so appreciative of all the stores which provide safe shopping by having employees wear masks, have Plexiglass cashier barriers and sanitized carts, and put directional signs on the floors.

Then there are places like a liquor store on Hixson Pike, where the young employee does not wear a mask, and the cashier area lacks a Plexiglass barrier.

I spend my money at safe places but cannot shop at the second kind.

Marjorie Pasch