Christians urged to take an 'uncomfortable' step

For those among us who claim to be Christian, perhaps now is the time to do something we've never done before. Recalling Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who observed that one of the most segregated hours in the United States occurs on Sunday mornings when we attend church services. Perhaps now is the time to attend church services in a church where everyone isn't of the same skin color. Perhaps now is the time to worship with and see Jesus in those who are of a different skin color.

Perhaps now is a good time to remember that the Gospel is uncomfortable. The Gospel is inconvenient. Jesus intrudes on our lives with his radical message.

When those who are suffering or oppressed use peaceful means to cry out for justice, equality, dignity, respect and safety, where do we imagine Jesus in that time? Can we see him standing next to them? Are we standing with Jesus? Where do we literally stand on Sunday morning?

D.L. Meinert

East Ridge


Now is the time to remove offensive statues

Your newspaper provided coverage of the cleanup of the Confederate statue at the Hamilton County Courthouse after it was sullied during the protests over the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, but you did not point out the great irony of the situation.

In this day and age, what is a Confederate statue doing in a city that touts itself to be progressive? Confederate generals were racists or supported and abetted that most egregious form of racism — slavery.

To paraphrase a recent president, Chattanooga, tear down this monument. Chattanooga, tear down all Confederate monuments. Tennessee, do likewise.

Ron M. Goods



Mother Nature 'will have her way'

How many COVID-19 viruses does it take to push the entire world into a shutdown? What is it with this invisible fog of death? How many little devils does it take?

Turns out it's more, way more, than there are angels on the head of a pin. And how come they are homicidal?

Ask our personal God, and she falls silent out of embarrassment ("I don't want to talk about it.").

So we turn to science, more specifically, to Mother Nature. She is all things when it comes to evolution: the personification of chemistry, physics and biology (a tip of the hat to New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman).

This triune scientist reminds us of the Big Bang and all that happened in the last 14 billion years (five extinctions and number six on the horizon). Each of the five looked like the end.

But life persisted, species all evolving to their place in the universe.

Mother Nature will have her way. She knows the winners and the losers. Is the pandemic another warning? Or maybe an invitation to help?

Blake Moore


Dialogue, not looting, needed more than ever

Well, we certainly have a different news cycle.

First off, that Minnesota police officer committed murder and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of law. No if's, and's, or's or but's.

Second, the same thing must go for all looters, antifa goons and those who harm others. It doesn't matter what your grievance is or tribal membership or if your state governor/mayor is a PC progressive. If so-called progressive leaders allow their cities to burn because the looters are their base voters, then the president should send in the U.S. military to stop the carnage.

Third, we all need honest "dialogue," but when the looting and burning starts, the dialogue stops. No society can function in a state of anarchy.

Ronald Williams