Systemic neglect, not racism, is root of issue

I would suggest that instead of systemic racism, many of our nation's urban areas are plagued by systemic neglect.

High rates of black-on-black murders and assaults, poverty, substandard housing, failing schools, inadequate health care, declining nuclear families, teen pregnancy and unequal economic opportunity are epidemic. These complex problems have existed for more than 50 years. Any solution has to involve ensuring that children receive a quality education that enables them to compete for success in higher education or learning a well paying trade. Mentoring and financial support for entrepreneurs would also have a positive impact. A fair and competent police force is another important facet to creating positive change.

Calls to defund the police are lunacy. Police are vital in providing safety for all citizens. We must, however, demand accountability for unjust actions and equal treatment for all. The police need to be well trained and equipped. Better pay would help attract the best possible candidates, and an even better effort should be made to recruit minority officers. Finally, financially helping officers to find housing in the areas they serve and developing programs to encourage more interaction between police and civilians would help foster trust between citizens and officers.

Jeff Fisher


Whites have to dig deep to erase racism

Racism is not a black problem. Rather, it's a giant problem that only whites can fix. But it is not an easy task for us.

Forty years ago, Dr. Charles King told me that whites can't talk to other whites about racism. I have found out that he is right. Since that time I've engaged my siblings and other family members, colleagues, friends, Sunday School members and others, in conversations about racism. In most of these talks, the result has most often been failure, and heated anger and hurt feelings have occurred. I do not think that most white people are conscious racists; they just haven't plumbed deeply enough within to encounter the monster and honestly work on the problem.

One other thing. Another good friend, a black pastor and professor, once told me, "Joe, we black people don't worry too much about the Klan. We know where we stand with them. Our problem is with white liberals. Will they stay with us when the real heat comes, or will they just cut and revert to the status quo." We'll see.

Joe Porter




Not printing truth provides distortion

The perception more blacks are killed by police than whites is an urban myth.

According to The Washington Post, 10 unarmed blacks and 19 unarmed whites were killed by the police in 2019. Since 48 police officers were murdered, you wonder who is at greater risk.

Also, according to The Post, in 2017, 457 whites and 233 blacks; 2018, 399 white and 209 blacks; and 2019 it was 370 whites and 235 blacks. So far this year: 42 whites and 31 blacks.

Ignoring the facts is tearing this country apart. The liars are Black Lives Matter, Democrats, antifa and their conspirators in the media who use it to stoke hate for whites in general and Trump in particular.

Why hasn't it been the headline for every newspaper? Why do liberal columnists such as Pam Sohn and David Cook ignore the truth? The reason is obvious. They must manipulate the black community to vote for the lefty candidate at a 95% rate or they have no chance of winning elections. Black people ... they are using you.

Not printing these facts shows the utter dishonesty and evil intent of most of the media and left-wing politicians.

Tim Price