All talk but no action on deficit

As a candidate for senator and while in office, Bob Corker talked about balancing the federal budget. When the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) was being proposed, Sen. Corker stated that he would not support it if it added one cent to the federal deficit. Yet, he did vote in favor of it.

As of December 2019, the government is losing $600 billion more in tax revenue than initially thought, bringing the total cost of the TCJA to $1.6 trillion, according to the non-partisan Urban-Brookings Tax Center Policy. Now Bob Corker supports the efforts of the Millennial Debt Commission, a local group of business leaders who want to reduce the federal deficit. Accordingly, it appears that when all is said and done, more is said than done.

John J. Sabourin Jr.


Statues are insulting; get rid of them now

As a white Southerner whose distant relatives fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War, should my blood-ties make me a defender of the supposedly noble cause of states' rights for which they fought? Let us not sugarcoat the fact that the (state) right they fought to protect was the "right" of white people to own Black people.

The best that can be said of our distant white Southern relatives is that they were unevolved products of their time, with a collective mindset of seeing Black people as inferior and white people as entitled. That might partially explain the white-inflicted inhumanity of the era, but it doesn't justify it.

It seems to me that the only appropriate attitude for a person of conscience to have toward our white Southern forebears is not one of pride but of incredulity and shame. In remembering and studying our history, let us learn from it, not glorify it.

Confederate statues for too long have been a slap in the face to Black people, for whom the term Southern heritage evokes only cruelty and horror. To remove them from our public grounds is not "cancel-culture," but the un-glorifying of something that should never have been glorified in the first place.

Rick Armstrong

Monteagle, Tennessee


Perez in right choice for school board seat

Does Hamilton County really need a school board member who harkens "back into the hands of people with conservative values and traditional values." You mean like in the '60s when we fire-hosed students peacefully demonstrating to desegregate lunch counters? I sincerely hope no. Please do not put [Tom] Decosimo in a position of power; vote to keep responsible leadership for our community; vote for Marco Perez in District 2.

Tom Evans


Hammond failing to stop brutality

Enough is enough. Case after case of police brutality by Hamilton County sheriff's deputies, and Sheriff Hammond continues to do nothing but coddle his thug deputies. Deputy Wilkey is a shining example of a corrupt sheriff's office.

The five or six deputies who beat the heck out of Reginald Arrington Jr. for the violation of "pedestrian in roadway" law should all be fired immediately.

This brutality must stop. It's not just Black people who are getting shot or beat either. Resign, Sheriff Hammond, or be fired.

Pat Hagan

Rossville, Georgia


Leave statues so we can learn from them

Let us consider perhaps that these statues being destroyed or removed are monuments to what not to do.

While these brave soldiers and leaders were certainly misguided and ill-informed, the same can be said for countless other righteous advocates or protesters throughout history.

We are all subject to and products of the times in which we live. Those who destroy or ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat its catastrophes.

Think, remember and tread carefully. When it's gone, it's gone.

Mike Wolford