He's a Confederate; nothing else matters

"Mob" – "a large and disorderly crowd of people, especially one bent on riotous or destructive behavior" (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). That is how you (Chattanooga Free Press editorial: "Don't let the mob boot a peacemaker") describe a UTC professor and those who are offended by statues to Civil War generals?

Like the president you support, when you have nothing of value to say, you resort to name-calling and, in this instance, your name-calling has a racial bent. You say, scoffingly, that the statue is at the county courthouse because of Gen. A.P. Stewart's relationship to the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National battlefields and not because of his Civil War service. Funny, but the statue itself says "A.P. Stewart General, CSA, 1861-1865." What about that celebrates the general's relationship to the national military park?

John C. Cavett Jr.


Right accuses left of what right does

[Free Press columnist] Ron Hart's look into the double mirror revealed right-wing tactics: Accuse the left of what the conservatives are doing. It's DJT's favorite way to divert the media.

What does the taxpayer subsidize? Agri-business, aerospace, energy, pharmaceuticals, automobiles. Who shouts, "Socialism"? Who let in the immigrants? Big business looking for cheap labor. Who wants a wall? Who invented fake news? Who cries, "It's fake news"? Who lives in the swamp? Who laments corruption?

The conspiracy is to keep you afraid. Who preaches fear? The right-wing media shows just enough news to hide the facts. Who plays the victim?

Thomas Peck


Hunter Art Museum, remove your banners

Feckless, foolish, filthy: words that begin with F. In the fair, formerly gentle Chattanooga, the cultural elites at the Hunter Art Museum have fastened banners to their facility that freely trumpet to viewers: "THE F WORD." The banners face the Walnut Street bridge and the city. From in front of the museum, the fine print reads: "We Mean Female."

The display of the fetid message is proof the museum deems imposition of "THE F WORD" on families, including boys and girls, who flock to the area as fashionable and fitting. To me, this foul message seems fiendishly inappropriate.

I wonder how would friends and funders of the cultural elites at the museum fret if President Trump had declared at his rallies: "THE F WORD! Bigly! You know what I mean! Females!" That usage would be flailed as grotesque, with firm denunciations and flares of outrage from the very facilitators of the Hunter's "THE F WORD" banner.

Hunter, please move your "F WORD" banners inside your museum. Inside, the culturally elite can feign indignation at the less erudite who find your intentional association of "THE F WORD" with your female exhibit degrading both to females and society's moral fiber.

Norman Good, Hixson