We're the United States, not the United People

It is the United States of America, not the United People of America. It is a compact of the various states which established a federation, granting the central government limited powers.

Further, the country is not a democracy; it is a republic. As the old saw goes, "Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner." The fact it may be 100 million versus 99 million doesn't change the principle a democracy is a dictatorship of the majority, and subject to the whims of that majority, which changes over time.

The above are reasons for the Electoral College and against a popular vote for president.

Lastly, remember John Adams, an accomplished lawyer before becoming our second president: "We are a nation of laws, not of men." This was a radical idea in a world run by kings, princes, emirs, emperors, etc. Unfortunately, over time we have fallen away from that, granting the executive and judicial branches of government powers never envisioned during the country's founding. The legislative branch has abdicated its responsibility to write clear laws, which allows the other branches freedom to act as they please, limiting those freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

Larry Zeh


Biden's favorite kind of 'unity'

When Barack Obama and Joe Biden were running for re-election in 2012 against Mitt Romney, Biden, while speaking to a group of African Americans in Virginia, made the statement about Romney that "he's gonna put y'all back in chains." I wonder if this statement is an example of the kind of "unity" that Joe Biden plans on bringing back to the country? I think the Republicans should run Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina for president in 2024. The Democrats and their friends in the media would not know what to do without rule number one from their playbook say your opponent is a racist over and over and over

Dan Sawyer

Signal Mountain


Out he goes, whatever way

Who cares if Trump refuses to concede. His concession is not required for his removal. On Jan. 20, Trump can either walk out or be carried to the curb.

Neil Greenwood

Delano, Tennessee


No mail-in ballots to cut back fraud

Georgia is going to have a runoff election in January for two U.S.Senate seats. This election will decide control of the Senate. Democrats and Republicans are going to throw so much money at these two races, they will be the costliest in history. They will also probably be the dirtiest.

Gov. Kemp should immediately rule to eliminate mail-in ballots and block any attempts by the state legislature or judiciary to allow them. If they are allowed, no one will have any faith in the outcome of this election because there is no way to insure that hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots are legitimate votes.

Absentee ballots — if the application is accepted — and voting on Election Day at the polls worked very well for many years and should be the only way to cast a ballot. This is not to say that there have not been crooked elections in the past; there certainly have been. But we should not be creating easier ways to do it. It's the only way to insure the least chance of fraud.

This election is too important to allow even the chance of interference.

David Hope



Trump going out as he came in — muddy

As if we didn't see it coming, Donald Trump will go out in the same reckless, mud-slinging style he came in with. His pathway to political prominence and infamy rode in on the conspiracy Obama was not American-born. Despite all the noise and bombast, nothing came of it, but rather than admit the deception he simply refused to discuss it. Ditto the allegation Ted Cruz's father was party to the Kennedy assassination, that Mexicans were sending rapists and thugs across the border, that Muslims were ruining our country, that a judge of Hispanic heritage was incapable of rendering a fair decision, that Obama bugged his campaign. All this and much more from the lips and tweets of our 45th president, for which there is apparently no bottom as to how low he will go in his self-promoting, face-saving quest.

So it is completely fitting Trump will end his presidency as it began. That he will carry to his dying day the blatant, unfounded lie our revered and time-honored election system is "rigged," and through voter fraud the "Deep State" conspired to deny him his deserved second term and steal his election from the jaws of victory.

Denny Pistoll

Rising Fawn


Stand up, Christians, and fight for your values

Where do I begin? This blatant attempt by the left to steal the election is no surprise. After all, the perpetrators think they have some inherent right to kill babies, wage war on the institution of marriage, present fake news, harass dissidents, foster racial conflict (while pandering to the very demographic it exploits), destroy historical monuments, attack the rights of Christians, propagandize about our Christian constitution, etc. No one should be surprised. We'd better not tolerate this rampant, unapologetic dishonesty.

What we're seeing is, among other things, how desperate and despicable the left is willing to be with the overturning of Roe v. Wade in our sights. Our rights and freedoms disintegrate if we don't exercise them, and Christians better pray and speak up. Remember also that bad government hurts the spreading of the gospel. It's time to flee heresy and be the salt of the earth.

If we do not speak up and reject voter fraud, we can not only expect the problem to grow but will be guilty as well via silence/tolerance.

Ronald Millsaps



America's strength is a focus on "we"

America is often referred to as the greatest country in modern civilization. Throughout our existence, our diversity, democracy and accomplishments define and distinguish America as not just a place — it's our people. We are viewed and judged collectively for our successes as well as our failures.

We are not a "perfect people," and there are no perfect solutions to any of the problems we face. Diversity and differences are not impetus for discord and division. Diversity is a catalyst, requiring each of us to work together to bring about the best for all of us.

While focusing on healing, helping and loving oneself ("me") let us be cognizant of others' ("we") feelings, needs, values and self-worth for the greater good of our nation. We cannot excuse ourselves with blinded eyes that our individual behaviors, beliefs, attitudes and actions affect others.

Should I/you? Can I/you? Will I/you? When we each answer "yes" to these questions, the healing can begin.

Liz Cooper