Trump's deceitful antics extend to his health

Trump's lead "white coat" doctor was too unsure when addressing the public. Like he couldn't remember what Trump instructed him to say. Doc said he didn't want to alarm the public (sound familiar?), like something Trump's said in the past.

Remember two years ago, Trump's red marker covering up a hurricane's path in Alabama to make him look favorable.

He's trailing Biden, and I wouldn't put anything past him to win a second term. He wants a sympathy vote. Or maybe, no, he doesn't have COVID-19.

J.H. Sholl


Evaluate party policies before voting this year

Let's forget about the names Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Let's just look at what each political party stands for and vote that way.

Abortion: Republicans are committed to the sanctity of life. Democrats support and defend abortion as an unconditional right.

The family: Republicans respect marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Democrats want to liberate humanity from the constraints of the natural family.

Gender and human sexuality: Democrats are for a revolution in morality against human nature with LGBTQ and transgender. Republicans are opposed to this movement.

Law enforcement: Republicans stand for a strong presence to uphold the law and protect the citizens. Democrats allowed protesters to take over their cities, saying it was their constitutional right.

Religious liberty: Republicans have great support from evangelical Christians based upon their platform. Democrats have great support from secular Americans based upon their platform

Again, take the names out of the equation and vote for the party that supports your beliefs.

Jimmy Hyma



Cut out the heavy burden of hate from our hearts

A college professor recently made a video in which she said, "I wish Trump supporters would die before the election."

She has been suspended. Why not fired? She teaches our students.

A staffer for Obama and spokesperson for Hillary's campaign said, "I wish Trump and his supporters would die."

Another person said he wished Trump and Biden would die.

Many others have said similar things.

That is just incredible.

People are not born with hate in their hearts. Where do they learn such hate?

It is a big burden for the heart to carry around every day. What comes out of our mouths comes from our hearts.

Maybe hate should be circumcised from our hearts.

Ruth Cote



Trump ignorant; read all about it

Donald Trump has been praised by supporters for all he has done, but they ignore the truth and depend on his statements. Trump lies a lot, contradicting his statements several times a day. He ignores reality, putting down internationally accepted science regarding the coronavirus and climate change, both of which are seen as reality in most, if not almost all countries around the world. He claims he has fulfilled his first major goal of putting up a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, but has put up only five new miles. He claims he has improved the economy, but we still have tens of thousands laid off due to the virus — which Trump lied about to the public, allowing it to worsen when he told people to ignore the facts.

The books coming out about Trump are eye-opening about the writers' personal knowledge of how he thinks and why he does what he does. There are around 40 books about Trump, most of which are written by people who have been close to him and show him to be a lying, cheating, law-breaking, ignorant man who cares for himself and not the nation.

Roger A. Meyer