Citizen skeptical of many money grabs

Someone needs to talk to a lawyer to see if it is really legal for Tennessee American Water Co. to turn off our water if we are unable to pay our wastewater bill. This seems to be blackmail and a fee grab. First it was the old safety lane decal, then stormwater fees, then that emissions test. All just money grabs. When will it stop? Everyone needs water.

Ronnie Proctor


Stamps' column evokes memories of a great America

Thank you, thank you, Times Free Press, for the return of Bill Stamps' Sunday column. You made my day. Bill brings back such wonderful memories of when America was great. We had war and depression, but everyone cared for one another and their country. It took the whole country working together to keep America great.

It is so refreshing to remember those years. But I am afraid that our generation will be the last one to know how great those years were. This breaks my heart.

Why don't we all start loving and caring for other again so maybe our children and grandchildren can one day have fond memories? Then again, maybe they too will know the "great" America and know that we all live in the greatest of all countries (by the way, hate never wins in the end).

Thank you again for Bill Stamps. Please keep it up.

Phyllis Downey

Harrison, Tennessee


Mask mandates illogical; physics will prove it

The mask mandates that have made this coronavirus period almost unbearable are useless.

This virus is roughly the same size as any typical virus, which is about 50 to 90 microns in diameter. A micron is one millionth of an inch. This is several thousand times smaller than the pores in these face masks that everyone seems so determined to make people wear. Even the droplets that you hear so much about can be, and probably are, several times smaller than the pores in the masks. This means that it is very likely to be utterly useless to wear these silly masks and has been since the beginning of this debacle.

Assuming that you have been exposed to this virus, the process of exhaling your breath through the mask could be compared to throwing marbles at a tennis net. Most, if not all, of the marbles will go right through the net.

The mere fact that there are 200,000 people dead from this virus should be proof to anyone who thinks critically and logically that these masks do no good, even leaving aside the simple physics that show they provide almost no protection.

Richard W. Shultz


Discharge Trump from his presidential rank

President Trump is the commander in chief; therefore, I believe he should be considered to be in the military. I propose that he be brought up on charges under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

I believe he should get an Article 15, a nonjudicial form of punishment, for "breaking quarantine." I propose his punishment be that he is restricted to the White House living quarters and the Oval Office for 14 days. I also propose that his extra duty be that he has to wear his mask all the time when he is awake for 14 days. I propose that he be docked seven days' basic pay, which will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Any reduction in "rank" will be determined on Nov. 3.

Joel Blake


Biden will have hard time defending his record

Donald Trump has had three-and-a-half years in public office. Joe Biden has had 47 years. We need to scrutinize their records for what they have accomplished that is beneficial for Americans.

Joe supported the Iraq war, which was a disaster. Trump vocally opposed it, and was not in public office. Under the eight years of Biden/Obama, food stamp rolls reach all-time highs. Under Trump, more than six million Blacks rose out of poverty.

Biden was involved in the disastrous Paris accord and the Iran deal. Trump rescinded both. In 1994, Biden oversaw the crime bill that ended up thrusting hundreds of Blacks into prison. Trump engineered and signed into law the "First Step Act" which corrected many of the inequities of Biden's bill and was hailed by the Black community.

Biden/Obama had eight years to get the economy roaring. In just three year's time, Trump did accomplish this with all-time record for unemployment levels for all Americans and more than 50 highs for the stock markets.

Biden needs to defend his record.

C.L. Nelson

Ringgold, Georgia


Au contraire, letter writer. Trump doing well

Once again, the letter writer from Ooltewah spews hatred instead of truth about President Trump. The Democrats spent $25 million and 3-plus years on Russian collusion only to be proven wrong. Who told Russia "after the election, I'll have more flexibility?"

Obama was the one who started putting Latino children in cages, not Trump, and Biden went along with that. Do we really want unlimited numbers of illegals walking across the border and receiving even more benefits than legal citizens receive?

Please show me one taxpayer who does not take every legal deduction they can. Also, the tax code Trump filed under was an Obama-Biden tax code.

If you want lies, how about "if you like your doctor or health plan, you can keep them." Also don't forget "your deductible and co-pay will go down as well as your premiums."

Speaking of COVID-19, what about the Democratic governor who cried about not enough beds and was given a Navy hospital ship and put less than 100 people in it but sent confirmed patients to nursing homes with the most vulnerable residents? We still have less than 1% death rates. Trump must be doing something right.

Paul Black



Scalia, Ginsburg are excellent role models

Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Anthony Scalia were good friends despite having nearly opposite beliefs. Their example shows how all of us should treat each other.

Trump believes communism is wrong; when he took office, many thought World War III was imminent: China, North Korea and the U.S. all had their fingers on the buttons that could have launched missiles. But Trump made personal friends of the leaders of both China and North Korea. All three counties took their fingers off those buttons.

I personally believe that homosexuality if wrong, but when two men moved in across the street from me, I took them cookies. We became good friends.

There must be no hatred in the hearts of those who claim to follow Christ. If there is, they are CINOs (Christians in name only).

Tom Herzog

East Ridge