Wear a mask, slow COVID-19

A feature article on the front page of Sunday's Times Free Press was titled "U.S. sets virus infection record."

Then, the first page of Sunday's Region section offers an explanation for the rising infection rate. It features a large picture of a largely maskless crowd at the Collegedale Apple Festival.

Please wear a mask, folks! It's a simple, painless and inexpensive way to slow down the spread of this terrible disease.

Charlie Fox, Signal Mountain


Endorsements for Red Bank

I want to take a minute to talk about the importance of local elections. When we vote for city commissioners in a small town like Red Bank, we are voting for someone to act in the best interest of our community — all of us — here, at home.

Serving in public office is about serving your community and the interests of everyone who lives and works within it — families, young people, retirees, local businesses, everyone.

Red Bank is fortunate to have two very dedicated, hard-working women who are willing to serve our community, to ensure we reach the bright future our town deserves.

I encourage my Red Bank neighbors to vote for Hollie Berry and Stefanie Dalton for Red Bank Commission. I know both of these women well. They are both passionate about working hard for all of Red Bank.

They listen to what people and businesses in our community want and need. In a time when there are too many uncertainties, it is refreshing to hear these women ask, "What matters most to you?" And then, they listen. We need people who care about what matters to us, and we are fortunate to have Hollie and Stefanie.

Kathy Lennon


Political climate is gone

Is it just me or has the political climate in this country made anyone else long for the return of MTVs, "Celebrity DeathMatch?" Only this time with politicians.

John Turnipseed


No vote for Trump

I cannot vote for Trump.

Donald J. Trump is a character deficient braggart who claims perfection in all he does. He is immoral and has bragged of his feats of immorality.

He's a bully. He dismisses any viewpoint different from his own. He belittles any opposition and is vengeful. Cross him and he'll get you. Obama. McCain. Kelly. CNN. Many others. Even Fauci.

He won't denounce groups that bully others — white supremacists or even a militia threatening a governor.

He says he's so smart he needs no professional advice yet we are world leaders in the number of COVID-19 cases. He has relaxed environment protections. Climate "anomalies" like western fires and southeastern hurricanes do record damage.

He's a master businessman? He abandoned creditors and employees as some of his companies bankrupted. Before the pandemic, he had already grossly increased U.S. debt. I fear he'll bankrupt the U.S., too, but drain Social Security and Medicare first.

In military and foreign affairs, he has tolerated adversaries and offended allies.

He speaks mostly to rally his base, not to all Americans.

He lies. He promised his tax records. Has Mexico paid for a border wall? Where's the ACA/Obamacare replacement plan?

I cannot vote for Trump.

Grady S. Burgner, Ooltewah


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