Gorman will look out for all of 3rd District

As one of Chuck Fleischmann's constituents who has seen him re-elected five times but hasn't seen him much at all, I'd like to know what we're getting for the $174,000 annually we pay him to represent us. Not what his wealthy donors and the industries that lobby him are getting, but what regular Joe in TN-3 is getting.

Since Chuck became our representative, we've been through recession, bankruptcies, hospital closures, an opioid epidemic, so many tornadoes, and now massive unemployment plus a pandemic.

Has anyone seen Chuck during any of this? Not at a ribbon cutting or a Rotary Club meeting, but out talking and listening to people?

Has he been working quietly behind the scenes, supporting policies to improve our everyday lives?

No, if we can count on Chuck for anything, it's to steer tax dollars toward the wealthy and well-connected and away from education, hospitals, social services, roads and bridges — the basic things that would help the most people.

Folks, we're paying $174,000 a year for absolutely nothing. It's time for a change.

Visit to read Meg Gorman's plans to actually use our tax dollars, and her time, to make our lives better (and reduce congressional pay).

Bill Guthman, Hixson


America does not need Democratic leaders

Joe Biden comes across as a sweet old man who would not harm a flea (as a grandmother might say). But what lurks behind Joe's pleasing demeanor?

Joe Biden is a Democrat. If we elect Joe, we are also empowering the Democratic leadership, including Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Democratic mayors like Cuomo and Lightfoot, governors in states like Oregon, California and New York, to name a few.

Joe Biden, is not a strong leader and will yield and bend to Democratic leadership. We have issues like open borders, runaway spending, tax increases, Obamacare, socialism, anarchy in the streets, attacks on the 2nd Amendment, the Electoral College, Supreme Court justices, autonomous zones, defunding of the police, defacement/destruction of private and public property, etc.

The results of our debates about any of these issues could change this country's direction for years and for our kids and grandkids.

Don't be clueless about what will happen if the Democrats win the Senate and/or the presidency.

Don't be passive — get out and vote.Vote Republican for president and Senate on Nov. 3.

Howard Holbrook


Chaos will stop with Democrats in charge

Anyone who has kept up with the news lately would be aware of the significant number of Republican leaders, former and current, who have either endorsed Joe Biden for president or at least indicated that they will not support Donald Trump.

For the most part, these folks have not suddenly become Democrats, liberals or socialists. In fact, it does not appear that most of them have changed their core political beliefs at all.

Instead, they have simply looked at the events of the last four years and come to the same conclusion as many other "regular" Americans — that our country cannot afford another four years of the erratic decision-making and turmoil that have surrounded this president.

This man's "leadership" has alienated our allies, cozied up to dictators and divided us in ways that seem almost irreconcilable.

I recently read an article by a leading historian and expert on the Founding Fathers, and he closed with these statements about the upcoming election: "This looming election is the most important political event of our lifetime.

This is not an election about personalities, the pandemic, the economy, or Black Lives Matter, though they are all on the ballot. This is an election to decide whether we wish to remain the American republic."

David Thomas, Signal Mountain