Backing Donald Trump for his strong record

We all know who we want for president. I want the person who turned our economy around. Who had to fight a bogus coup attempt by Pelosi and company and continued to fight for the people. Had the highest employment rate ever, highest minority employment ever, record stock market, very good trade deals, put China in its place, appointed 200 federal judges, rebuilt our military.

The former president had about an average 1.88% GDP; current president just under 3% GDP. Former president couldn't get markets hardly over 15,000, killed jobs with stupid regulations, gave us budget-killing health insurance.

Easy for anyone to get along with cops. Comply, just simply comply. Don't fight them; you will lose.

If you want to apologize for being white, do it, but that's ridiculous. Your white privilege stunt is as useless as the race card.

America is great for everyone. We only have to reach and get it.

Biden is a mental basket case. If he accidentally won, Harris would be president in less than a year — Democrat elites would see to it.

Herbert Braswell


Trump leading new Chaos Party

As Trump's convention fades from memory, two facts stand out. The convention placed the tombstone on the Republican Party and birthed the new "Chaos" party, led by Mr. Chaos himself, Donald J. Trump.

He wasted no time in attempting to create chaos in the coming election. He stated that he would not accept the results of the election unless it was fair. He decides if the election is fair. If he wins, it is fair; if he loses, it is not.

He repeatedly claims that the only way the Democrats can win is by cheating. Trump is employing the Big Lie theory. Say it loud and often enough, it will be believed by a large section of the public.

In the meantime, Joe Biden speaks about unifying the country. Better luck finding the Holy Grail. There were Trumpians before Donald Trump walked down the staircase of Trump Tower, waiting for Moses to lead them to the promised land (if one can picture Moses with orange hair). They swallowed Trump's lies about President Obama's birth hook, line and sinker. A generation ago, many would have been voting for George Wallace.

Archie Thurman


Police vs. protests as math equation

Mr. Greeson, why don't we try to work out our current national problem as a math equation, always looking for a root cause. The equation could be presented as: unjust police brutality to unarmed Black people = peaceful protests, thus peaceful protests = violence and rioting. If we search for and eliminate the root cause, which is the left side of the first equation, we automatically eliminate the right side. By solving the first equation, we don't even have to work the second because it wouldn't exist.

Had our problems been approached as such, the young officer you named who died at the hands of violence could still be alive, would have had no reason to be assigned to work a violent protest.

It doesn't help when folks who see things from your perspective say, "Well, it's terrible what's happening to these unarmed Blacks, being killed by white police, but " No. There's no place here for a "but." I believe if the roles were reversed, if unarmed whites were being killed by heavily armed Black policemen, you would be using your column demanding "justice," maybe even "racial justice," to the cheers and appreciation of your mainly white readership.

Allan Baggett

Trion, Georgia