Citizen thanks Berke for service to Chattanooga

Thank you, Mayor Andy Berke, for eight years of great leadership. You have done a wonderful job and have continued Chattanooga's growth and development.

We will miss you!

Jane Elmore


Can I opt out of learning about GOP?

Shame on the Tennessee General Assembly for its recent passage of two laws targeting and marginalizing LGBTQ people. The most recent allows parents to opt their children out of any LGBTQ-related curriculum.

Proponents argued it would help protect their children, as if even hearing about LGBTQ people carries some risk. If the focus were on a particular racial group, the sheer bigotry would be obvious, so why is it OK to target sexual and gender minorities?

I can think of a much greater threat I want to protect my child from: people who use their fears and dislikes to justify marginalizing other people and treating them as less than human. Where's the law that helps me do that?

These hateful measures are being pushed (in Tennessee and across the country) almost exclusively by Republicans. Considering that being a member of a political party is far more of a choice than someone's sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, maybe we need a law that lets me opt my son out from learning about Republican politicians, and especially their brainwashing and indoctrination.

Except trying to "protect" yourself from people simply because you don't like something about them never ends well.

Shawn Trivette, Ph.D.

Signal Mountain


'News' overshadows real life problems

Over the last few weeks on the news I have seen many things that made me realize a lot of society is not aware of or misunderstands what real issues or problems are.

For example, a group of Christian college students in north Texas recently had an egg hunt with verse-filled eggs. A large group of students protested and held a "stomping of the eggs." I would say if you don't agree with that type of event, do not go to the egg hunt!

It is important to know that there are people who experience rape, physical abuse, whose lives are turned upside down. These are major issues. All of this is controversial. Let's try to remember and help with issues such as homelessness, children in bad, abusive situations, campus assaults, shootings, etc.

Let's also try to remember that it would be nice to see on the news uplifting stories featuring people who help one another, good Samaritan stories or ways a community is making a difference. Does this still exist or do we need a wake-up call?

Christine Diwan


Young adults: Please take the COVID shot

I urge all young adults to be vaccinated against the coronavirus as soon as possible.

The UK variant is now the most dominant strain in the United States. It is also more easily transmitted and more severe than the original virus.

We are in a dramatic race against time between the newer form of the virus and the vaccine. It would break my heart if young adults I know and others not now vaccinated became ill or succumbed to this terrible illness.

Harry Geller


Those without internet can still get shots

Kudos to the Walmart on Greenway View Drive (off Brainerd Road) for offering COVID shots for anyone needing them.

Some people cannot sign up for a vaccination online because they do not have internet access, so they can get their shot at Walmart.

Thank you again.

Melinda Hankins