Minds must change about littering roads

Kudos to Rose and Rick Coddaire of Red Bank for their daily efforts in cleaning litter off a Red Bank road. Compliments to Cindi and Nate Sinden and the Soddy Daisy Beautification crew for removing trash locally.

We moved here 13 months ago, and I noticed that there are no signs along Highway 27 saying "No Littering" with a hefty fine attached. Having moved from a state that is strict about not littering, I find it disgusting and appalling that Tennesseans think so little of their environment that they litter with little compunction.

I questioned local social media about why there was so much trash along Highway 27 and other local roads. Many people responded, but the consensus was that people threw litter from their cars because the "jailbirds would pick it up." I've contacted Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger's office, officials at the Department of Transportation, and the sheriff's office about adding signs to Highway 27 and more regular trash removal. Keeping Hamilton County free of litter obviously isn't a priority. That's a shame as this state is beautiful and one of the reasons we moved here,

Until the mindset of the general population is changed from the "jailbirds" picking up litter, trash throwers will continue. Adding signs to major highways about not littering would help.

Jean Thompson



America now nirvana under new president

The Dow Industrial is setting records and is over 34,000. The S&P set a record at 4,141.59. Housing starts are way up. The University of Michigan's consumer index rose to the highest level since March 2020. President Biden's stimulus increased retail sales 9.8%. Unemployment fell in Georgia to 4.5% while the U.S. rate fell to 6%.

President Biden gave Trump his wish and is pulling out of Afghanistan, the longest running war in American history.

Georgia's Democratic Sen. Jon Ossoff helped negotiate a deal between LG Energy Solution and SK Innovation that saved the $2.6 billion Korean electric battery plant in Georgia that is projected to create 2,600 jobs.

The bad news from the Trump era is there have been 4,112 COVID-19 cases in Murray County and 14,719 in Whitfield County. An AP-NORC poll said 36% of Republicans won't get vaccinated. Of the five worst states with COVID-19 vaccination rates of less than 40%, all are in the South, with Georgia fifth. Marjorie Taylor Greene still hasn't been vaccinated; I guess she is still hanging out in the barn where she spoke in Murray County.

David Bean

Chatsworth, Georgia


Sarcastic 'mistress' advice unappreciated

TFP columnist Jay Greeson needs to take a big step back. In a recent page A2 column, for I dare not call it journalism, he called The Associated Press to account for advising against the usage of the word "mistress." He followed that by suggesting that, instead, a "lying, cheating adulteress" be called a "dirtbag." He will defend himself by saying he was obviously being sarcastic, but the Times Free Press ran this tripe instead of throwing it in the wastebasket where it belongs.

Perhaps had Greeson taken a second to read beyond the headline, he would have noticed AP's justification for advising against that word: It is not gender-neutral, and there is no correlative term for men. If writing objectively about romantic affairs outside of an established marriage, the adulterer/adulteress pair already exists, as does the simpler man/woman, which confers no historical or moral burden on the subject. So you see, Mr. Greeson, real journalists prefer to use language appropriately and precisely and not to bash women. To the Times Free Press, why in the world did you allow this to be published?

Aaron Fowles


Today's political terms defined

Lately, there have been a lot of hot-button terms loosely thrown around. Here are some, with what they actually mean:

* Critical race theory: an absolute hatred of all things connected with Western civilization (Europe).

* White supremacist: any white person who loves the USA.

* Right-wing militia: any gun owner who voted for Trump and/or any conservative.

* Voter suppression: requiring anyone to show a photo ID in order to vote.

* Equity: the taking of property from those who own it to give to those who do not, as opposed to equality under law, which is enshrined in our U.S. Constitution.

* Court packing: transforming the third branch of the U.S. government from an independent judicial body into a rubber-stamp political Politburo.

* Green New Deal: a program to destroy the U.S. economy in order to turn America into a Third World country.

Ronald Williams


Descriptor colors overshadow 'America'

It appears there has recently been a change in capitalization that reflects how Americans have come to view themselves. No longer are we simply "black Americans" or "white Americans," but rather now we are "Black Americans" or "White Americans."

The capitalized versions of the two colors were once pretty much found only on application forms asking for "race" and accompanied by such other choices as "Hispanic," "Asian" and "Other." In general reading and writing about race, capitalization was only used to describe the countries or continents of origin for Americans, not their general skin colors. There were Native Americans, European Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans and so on. Fairly or not, the European Americans were more often broken into more specific subsets such as Irish-American, Italian-Americans and the like.

The new capitalizations signal the racial discord so apparent in America today. The racial identity and pride that capitalizing the descriptor color imparts can be a positive alteration, but it cannot be allowed to overshadow the "America" we all have in common.

As for me, I'll continue to check "Other" in the box or write "Human" when asked to fill in the blank for "race."

Grady S. Burgner



No comparison in two uprisings

The biased media has gone ballistic over the Capitol attack while ignoring a year of antifa/BLM riot-burned cities. The Capitol was "sedition." Let us compare the two.

The Guardian recently reported that 11 people were killed while at political demonstrations and another 14 died at incidents or events associated with political unrest. Insurance sources put damages for left-wing riots at a record $2 billion versus $30 million (NPR) at the Capitol riot. Twenty-five is more than five, and $2 billion is 66 times more than $30 million.

On June 1, 2019, at the White House, thousands (only a few hundred at the Capitol) of antifa /BLM rioters tried to tear down the protective fence. The threat was so great the president was moved to the bunker.

These riots were ignored at the Democratic Convention and under-reported or ignored by the biased media. Even David Cook went ballistic over the Capitol and ignored left-wing rioting and death.

Bias, selective editing and reporting, outright lies, and censorship are the rule. The left cannot win without cheating. They are willing to do anything to win and squash personal rights.

You really do not have to look further than this comparison to see why there is no trust of the media.

Tim Price