Shame on you, Sen. Mullis

Georgia State Sen. Jeff Mullis is simply pandering to his constituents in Chickamauga. He knows there was no voter fraud in the 2020 Georgia election. But he has to please his QAnon supporters.

Since 2002, Georgia used unsecured Diebold electronic voting machines that produced no paper trail whatsoever to be used for verification or recounts. Election after election, Republicans kept winning in Georgia, a former blue state. Not one Republican questioned the election results during this era.

In 2020, when new electronic voting machines were put in place that produced paper trails, Democrats won Georgia, and Republicans are suddenly screaming foul.

Voters, beware when a Republican politician tells you they "will fix this." What they really mean is they will do everything they can to limit your access to voting so they can achieve the desired results they want.

Christopher S. Scott

Ringgold, Georgia


Thomas Lee best pick for District 2

I am a commercial real estate broker and have been very excited about the growth we've had. But there is trouble brewing in River City.

It is much harder to get projects approved than in former times. The rules are very arbitrary and often subject to the whims of the bureaucracy. Developers may flee to other cities. Thomas Lee has promised a smoother path forward (no potholes).

Thomas is a small business owner. He has a strong work ethic and a problem-solving mindset.

Thomas has also volunteered his time and volunteered to serve on numerous boards in town, the Creative Discovery Museum, Friends of Riverbend, and has shown his concern for public education by serving on the Principals Advisory Committee at Normal Park. His wife was PTL chairperson. Thomas and wife, Allison, are 23-year residents of District 2 (essentially North Chattanooga to Highway 153).

His opponent has received labor union endorsement by pledging to support a $15 minimum wage to city employees paid for by us as taxpayers.

Our City Council needs positive leadership that Thomas Lee can provide. Let's continue the momentum with Thomas.

Rudy Walldorf

District 2


Jenny Hill seen as candidate who cares

My family and I chose to move to Chattanooga in 2015 because we knew it was a beautiful city and a great place to raise our two young girls.

I first interacted with Jenny Hill as a parent reaching out to her school board representative with questions about how equity would be addressed in our schools. I was extremely impressed with her vast and detailed knowledge, communication skills, empathy and willingness to listen. Through a ZOOM call, we were able to share similar concerns and hopes of not only our kids but all of the city's children.

I quickly learned Jenny has a vision for Chattanooga that would not only benefit her family but families who looked differently than hers, such as mine. She cares deeply about people and is a leader who includes, welcomes and encourages diverse voices to find solutions to hard, complex problems.

Even with her track record of being an exceptional public servant, what I appreciate most about Jenny is that she is a relatable person with a family, a business and a love to make Chattanooga even better — a true representative of the people and families of District 2.

Intan McCartt